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Copper Face Jacks, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 tonight


Nightclubs and late venues around Ireland should only allow entry to people who have purchased tickets in advance, according to new guidelines published this evening.

They cannot be sold at the door. The same rules will also apply to underage events such as teenage discos.

Ticketing will be required for the purposes of contact tracing for all nightclubs and venues and will be the subject of regulations to be put in place next week.

RTÉ understands the tickets will only be on sale in a digital format and not printed.

A valid Covid-19 Digital Certificate, with photo identification, is required for admission to all venues operating for the purposes of live entertainment and nightclubs.

Tickets will be required for entry to nightclubs (RTÉ)




You should be.

This morning.

Via Irish Times:

‘…The resulting hotchpotch of restrictions and protocols has become the focus of debate in advance of the reopening, with publicans and venue owners complaining of anomalies and inconsistencies in the new rules. The Vintners’ Federation asked earlier this week how it was safe for 200 people to be dancing in a nightclub when eight people cannot throw darts in a pub.

Such questions are understandable, and some of the concerns will have been addressed by the guidelines issued by Government yesterday after consultation with the industry. But to expect that there will be no inconsistenciesthat there will be “equality of treatment” as another industry group put it – rather misses the point.

At many stages in the pandemic, it has been Government policy, based on public health advice, to differentiate between settings depending on the nature of mixing that takes place there and the needs of individual businesses.

The overall aim is to keep opportunities for disease transmission as low as possible without allowing businesses go to the wall. On paper the more sensible precautionary step would be to halt the reopening of indoor gathering spaces entirely.

It may yet come to that if current trends persist, but for now differentiation – and, yes, some inconsistency – is the compromise.’

Irish Times editorial.

So there.

Anomalies Are Part Of The Deal (Irish Times)

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Bless you.

No, I’m fine thanks. ZAZU is a new Irish-founded booking and payment app to help restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs and retail outlets reopen with virtually contactless service.

Ian Collins writes:

As government restrictions begin to ease, businesses are looking for ways to deal with the new normal of social distancing. The ZAZU service offers an all-in-one solution that is continuously updated and modified in line with government regulations.

The app offers functions similar to OpenTable, Deliveroo and Ticketmaster all under one roof from order to payment and delivery

The app also assists with capacity management ensuring government guidelines can be adhered to at all times.

A virtual queuing system is also helpful for those who haven’t planned ahead…they can join an online queuing system where they will be alerted once a space becomes available

….customers can wait in a comfortable and safe setting away from the location until they are alerted…


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Dublin city centere.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Tom Brabazon (top) on Grafton Street and Richard Guiney CEO of Dublin Town (above) in Great Outdoors launching the partial reopening of Dublin City Centre,

Dublin City Council together with Dublin Town, An Garda Síochána and the National Transport Authority are supporting a joint informative reopening campaign called ‘Easing Like Sunday Mornings’.


While some large retailers have said they will reopen today, others including Arnotts, Brown Thomas and Penneys have decided to defer for a few more days in order to take additional time to get prepared, following Friday’s announcement that all retailers could resume trade.

Shop owners have warned the shopping experience will be very different to the way it was before the pandemic, with browsing likely to be discouraged in many stores, queuing required and additional hygiene measures in place.

Many businesses to begin opening their doors again (RTÉ)

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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