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RTE headquarters in Donnybrooke, Dublin 4; Senator Ronan Mullen

The senator said the top paid celebs at the station [RTE] are not so “indispensable” to justify such extravagant pay.

“The talent is good, but it is not so exceptional to think that there is no other talent coming through the ranks.

“In fact, you could argue that RTE build up the talent and help create the name.

“It has never been established that particular individuals provide such indispensable service to the nation that fees of €300k or €400k are unavoidable.”

In fairness.

Senator Ronan Mullen to introduce laws to cap salaries of RTE stars such as Ryan Tubridy, Joe Duffy and Ray D’Arcy (Craig Farrell, The Irish Sun)


Senator Ronán Mullen at a pro-life rally outside Leinster House in 2017

“I do not know enough about it [Conversion Therapy] at this stage but if it can be demonstrated that this is harmful to people, there is a very good case to make it unlawful.

If it cannot be shown to be harmful to people, we are back into the realm of individual choice.”

[Senator Mullen] was responding to a contribution from Sinn Féin Senator Fintan Warfield who had spoken about “the cruelty of so-called conversion therapy”.

Allow conversion therapy unless harmful – senator (Kevin Doyle, Independent.ie)



Anon writes:

I saw people yet again being enraged by something unforgiveable [Senator] Rónán Mullen said (this time his comments about Savita), and yet again no conversation about the fact that loads of people could be voting against him, but aren’t registered.

So I made this flowchart (above) and web page (below with sources and links)

Ronan Mullen Flowchart

rmSenator Ronán Mullen

Admitting a ‘ Yes’ vote may give constitutional rights to same-sex couples to bring children into the world artificially, including by donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogate mothers, is not a vote winner.

Every child has an equal right to be brought into the world, raised and loved, by his or her own mother and father. The circumstances of life mean it doesn’t always happen. But never before has the State taken away that right. That’s what a ‘ Yes’ vote would mean. In the Constitution, the State pledges to “guard with special care the institution of marriage on which the family is founded”.

If marriage is redefined on May 22, so also is family. Same-sex couples will have the rights that go with marriage – including the right to start a family. How can a same sex couple start a family? For a female couple, it would mean using sperm donated by some young man in Ireland or abroad.

A same-sex male couple will use the egg of some female student or some poor woman abroad. A surrogate mother must carry the child for them. And that’s the last bit of mothering that child will ever have.

Senator Ronán Mullen

Steady on.


Voting No Doesn’t Make You Homophobic (Independent.ie)

Senator Ronán Mullen


[From top: Tom Finegan appearing before the Justice Committee on Wednesday and above Senator Ronan Mullen]

David McMahon writes:

“I thought I’d assemble the following just to show how small Dublin/Ireland is in terms of the people who occupy the civil society strata. It is pure coincidence of course that the example below relates to the personages involved, and no judgment is being made on the value of the individuals contributions. Undoubtedly a similar close relationship/cross population/dynamic applies to other areas and sectors. It’s just interesting.

1. The Children and Family Relationships Bill was before the Oireachtas Justice Committee on Wednesday; and in the main was acknowledged as a long overdue and progressive step in recognising the reality of Irish family and reproductive life. The Bill is by no way perfect.

2. In the afternoon session, the witnesses included Family and Life; and were represented by Dr Tom Finegan. Family and Life are based at 26 Mountjoy Square, and per their website:
Family & Life is not affiliated to any other organisation, it does not receive nor seek state, organizational or corporate funding; it does not engage in street collections, lotteries or the for-profit sale of goods. Family & Life is not a political lobby group’.

3. Dr Finegan is, a founding member of Catholic Comment; working alongside Ronan Mullen (Director) and David Quinn (Expert/Consultant). Other personages noted on Catholic Comment website include Breda O’Brien, Maria Steen and Lorcan Price.

4. Dr Tom Finegan, was Ronan Mullen’s previous Parliamentary Assistant, as evidenced at this Facebook acknowledgement: “Sen. Ronan Mullen has had to cancel, a last minute-cancellation. He is sending his Parliamentary Assistant Tom Finegan. He’s a PHD candidate in the area of medicine in Trinity College Dublin and will give a robust proposal of the Pro-Life Argument.”

5. Senator Ronan Mullen is a member of the Justice committee and directed his first line of questioning to Dr Finegan, after opening statements by all witnesses. There is no requirement on the part of Committee members to disclose previous professional relationships with witnesses, or is there?



Senator Jim Walsh in the Seanad this morning spoke about intimidation and threats towards David Quinn and asked:

“Can we deal with these dangerous, vicious elements within the gay ideological movement?”.


Minutes later, Senator Ronan Mullen asked if GLEN could disassociate themselves from what was said “on the Saturday Night Live (sic) / Brendan O’Connor programme”.

Previously: Panti Power

Brendan Kelly writes:

You may or may not be aware of this communication from one Senator Ronan Mullen (top).
So who are Anne-Maree Quinn and Catherine MacEnri?
Anne-Maree Quinn is a contributor to blogs of both the Iona Institute and the Pro-Life Campaign.
And Catherine MacEnri?
Well according to solocheck.ie, Catherine is a director of a company called Fiuntas Centres Ltd., which among presumably other activities, run a youth centre based at Lismullen in Co. Meath. which incidentally, is an Opus Dei operation.
You’ll be happy to hear they also train nurses…


(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)