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Last month, ‘industrial designer and tinkerer’ Markus Kayser went out into the Sahara desert to field-test two devices he’d spent the last year developing: a solar powered laser cutter and the Solar Sinter (above), a 3D printer that makes glass objects whose only power source is the sun and whose only consumable is sand.

He calls it ‘desert manufacturing’.

It’s brilliant.

More videos on Markus Kayser’s website.


Designed by Andrew Schneider, it’s a bikini fitted with ultra thin photovoltaic cells sewn together in series with conductive thread, terminating in a 5 volt regulator, output through a USB connection (female, naturally).

It’ll recharge your gizmos. But that’s your own business.

A custom-made suit can be yours for around $200 having emailed Solar Coterie for a quote.