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Ryan Kwanten (him from Home & Away or more recently True Blood) stars in this short set in the Spider-Man universe. A French documentary crew follow larger-than-life crime journalist Eddie Brock and get a little more than they bargained for.

There is of course a post credits bonus scene.

Producer Adi Shankar gave a spoiler filled interview about the background to the short.

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Ex-Spider-Man director.

Does whatever an ex-Spider-Man director does.

Drawing in part on private emails written by the show’s principals, Ms [Julia] Taymor’s court filing alleges that the pair were largely absent from the show’s crucial developmental stages, delivered unsuitable music and lyrics, conspired with the producers to oust her and were “frequently distracted” from their duties – on one occasion in Bono’s case, by alcohol and supermodels including Christy Turlington.

U2’s Bono is Cast As Villain In Latest Twist To Row Over Spider-Man Broadway Musical (Telegraph)