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Anon writes:

1000+ Waterford Institute Of Technology students and staff signed a petition to ask college authorities put up a pride flag in advance of the Marriage ref but the students were declined their request, despite Maynooth college (a bloody seminary!) allowing the pride flag to be flown on campus there. Nice little bit of fortitude from WIT SU though.

Then the dull, dour, black and white, sign below (which by itself sucks the happiness out of the universe), appeared on WIT campus. Lookit, sure we all know everyone is entitled to their opinion however, their contradictory definition of ‘equality’ needed to be rectified. So someone fixed it. Can’t be having signs which are not ‘academically’ correct hung in a 3rd level institution now can we?”



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The prolific Laura Gaynor (previously) writes:

For several months at college this year I found myself living off chocolate, burritos and tea. This climaxed to a crescendo where I disposed of my breakfast in a blind rage. In any case, I decided I would write something about the weighty topic that is food at college. To my surprise, it’s in the Irish Times. I did a vlog about it too. I’d love if you’d check it out and let me know what you think.

How To Eat Well At College: Ditch the Junk Food And Get Cooking (Laura Gaynor, Irish Times)

mill-junction-container-residences-overlook-johannesburg-designboom-01 mill-junction-container-residences-overlook-johannesburg-designboom-02mill-junction-container-residences-overlook-johannesburg-designboom-10mill-junction-container-residences-overlook-johannesburg-designboom-05 mill-junction-container-residences-overlook-johannesburg-designboom-06
Mill Junction – a former grain silo block in Johannesburg – reborn as student accommodation after an innovative conversion by South African property management outfit Citiq.

By converting the silos and adding stacks of shipping containers to the sides and top, the development – completed in January and opening this month – has 375 apartments along with study rooms, libraries, computer rooms and stunning views of the city from the rooftop terrace 40 meters up.


A rather adorable VFX-heavy fan-made short created in three months by Brad Murphy and this year’s graduates of the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School. It’s right up there with The Clone Wars:

C-3PO and R-2D2 embark on a rollicking adventure when the Jawas hijack an experimental Mon Calimari starship.

They certainly do.


Trekkies will recognise Omicron Theta as a star planet in the Star Trek galaxy so we’re hoping, nay praying, that this is a wind up.


YOU decide.

From Rachel Lavin and Gareth Gregan at The University Times:

The University Times has learned of a plan to set up an élite fraternity, officially called “Theta Omicron” but privately referred to as “The Dynasty”, in Trinity College.The first evidence of the fraternity on campus came when a group of male students appeared in the Cancer Society’s annual naked calender under the title “all shall soon be revealed”.

Somebody get Chompsky’s toga.

Introducing Trinity’s Frat Pack (Rachel Lavin and Gareth Gregan University Times) 

Thanks Ronan and Max