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Secret Nazi bank accounts.


Cuckoo clocks.

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For the week that’s in it.

Louis Le Fronde writes:

As global leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Conference above is a little comparison graphic between Ireland v Switzerland, reading left to right it makes for interesting reading.

Switzerland, the ‘happiest country in the world’ is smaller than Ireland and until 1900  had a smaller population. Today it has nearly 3.5 million more people. It was a poorer country than Ireland in 1871. In per capita terms, Ireland was among the richest in the world in the 1870s and on the eve of the Great War – the Irish economy lost ground after the 1870s to most of the advanced economies outside the United Kingdom, and Switzerland in particular….

Any excuse.

Davos Elite Fret About Inequality Over Vintage Wine and Canapés (New York Times)


SwitzerlandDublin indie-pop via Popical Island

What you may need to know…

01. Something of a Dublin lo-fi supergroup are four-piece Switzerland.

02. Nostalgia-tinged pop is the name of the game, from members of Drunken Boat, Hello Moon, Land Lovers and the Paddy Hanna Band.

03. Streaming above is the band’s new single, Starting Out, a taster of debut album Long Gone, releasing via Dublin pop collective Popical Island in January.

04. The album launch happens at Whelan’s on the 27th. Stay tuned to the band’s social media for more info.

Verdict: Ramshackle indie of the variety that is staple to Popical Island and its attendant bockety-pop remit. Fun for fans of Teenage Fanclub and the like.