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Next Train Ireland is a strikingly simple app that will quickly show you train times for any station in Ireland.

Incorporating lovely graphics and a “modern UI that follows the Material Design guidelines” the app’s features include journey planner and realtime station ‘lookup’.

App maker Stephen McBride writes:

Next Train Ireland (formerly called Next DART under the old Android Market store) is one of the earliest Irish-made Android apps, having been released in late 2009 before Android phones were even offered by phone operators in Ireland.

It has gone through a number of iterations since then but has been a bit neglected in the last two years. I finally got around to working on an update a few months ago and, having looked at the mess that was the codebase, decided to re-write it completely from scratch.

Compared to the official Irish Rail app this new app is much cleaner, more intuitive and gets you the information you need in fewer steps.

Feedback from new and existing users is most welcome.


Next Train Ireland

18055-SW-Seiffert-Rd-97140_02 18055-SW-Seiffert-Rd-97140 18055-SW-Seiffert-Rd-97140_04 18055-SW-Seiffert-Rd-97140_03

18055, SW Seiffert Road is a huge four bed detached house currently for sale in Sherwood, Oregon for around $3,500,000.

The house itself is largely irrelevant, given that it’s surrounded by a masterfully enginered, elaborate miniature railway system featuring a trestle bridge, tunnel and train warehouse.

A separate barn contains a railway museum.

Current owner Tom Miller, who buiilt all the miniature trains, sez:

…it is time to let someone else take stewardship of what I have created. I intend to keep my locomotives and run them at club railroads around the country unless the new owner insists they go with the property. After all they are just stuff and I could build other and different locomotives.