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Dr David Nabarro of the World Health Organisation

This morning.

The World Health Organization’s special envoy on Covid-19, Dr David Nabarro, wass speaking to the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19.

Dr Nabarro has said it is “highly unlikely” and “really surprising” that Ireland would go into total lockdown again – however local areas might see movement restrictions due to clusters.

He also said it is “reasonable” to suggest that commuters should wear face coverings to protect drivers and attendants.

Dr Nabarro, meanwhile, has advocated for face masks, and said while it is up to national governments to decide their policy on face coverings he wanted to encourage people to “take the advice super seriously and get into the habit of doing it”.


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Yesterday: ‘I Expect It To Be Ignored, As The Elderly Have Been Ignored’

January 14, 2020


January 16, 2020


US President Donald Trump at yesterday’s White House Covid-19 press briefing

Last night.

According to Mr Trump, WHO prevented transparency over the outbreak and the United States – the UN body’s biggest funder which provided $400 million last year – will now “discuss what to do with all that money that goes to the WHO.”

He said that the WHO had not sent experts into China quickly enough when the outbreak first emerged and took the assurances from that country’s leaders “at face value”.

Mr Trump said had the WHO “done its job” by getting experts into China swiftly then “the outbreak could have been contained at its sources with very little death”. The US president suggested thousands of lives could have been saved by such action.

Coronavirus live news: Trump suspends WHO funding as Denmark begins to reopen schools (The Guardian)




Bill Gates’ Instagram.

Come for the cuddly sweater, stay for the blistering comments.

This evening.

Members of the World Health Organisation, including executive director Michael Ryan (top), hold a press conference, in which Mr Ryan said that all countries now need to reassess their “strategies” toward the coronavirus.

It follows the WHO declaring the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic.

Coronavirus: First death confirmed in Ireland as WHO declares a pandemic (Paul Cullen, The Irish Times)