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In fairness.

Erin Fornoff?

Watch closely.

It escalates sharply.

Unspecified location (possibly Tipperary).

This morning.

Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Liamknuj writes:

The spoilsports in Dublin City Council have decided Christmas is over and are taking away the tree.

Let’s hope it’s back in August

That’s right.

255,000 of them.

Senator Averil Power used Oireachtas facilities to print 73,000 calendars (Independent.ie)


Anon writes:

 Have you noticed there is no comments section open for that story (link above) in the Indo on Averil Power. Unlike say this story on Sinn Féin. Must be an oversight…


Irish tykes discuss an Irish Xmas.

YouTuber writes:

An Irish Christmas ‘ is when “Reindeers poo on the lawn” and “eating when you’re not hungry!”