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Curragh Plains, county Kildare.

Xmask Tree, an art installation by Kildare photographer and visual artist Eamonn Farrell on a whitethorn tree in the middle of the Curragh.

The tree – decorated with disposable face masks, inscribed with the legend ‘We Shall Overcome’ – is festooned with fairy lights and other baubles which would normally adorn a Christmas tree, drawing attention to…

‘… the pain and suffering being caused to people by the Covid-19 Pandemic. He is also suggesting by the use of the words, We Shall Overcome, from the famous song by folk singer Pete Seeger, that the way to defeat the virus is by positive collective action.

Created a few days ago in a vast empty space on the Curragh, Mr. Farrell, in a message below the tree, has asked anyone who comes by it, to pause for a moment and think of the thousands of people who have lost their lives both directly and indirectly over the last two years, from the Pandemic. He expects to remove the items from the tree on the second of January.’

Via Photocall Ireland

This holiday season.

Put that imaginary telly licence to some use.

Sandra Byrne writes:

RTÉ has unwrapped its Christmas line-up with a feast of home-produced programming across television, radio and online. From the best in Irish-made documentaries to big Irish music specials, home-grown comedy, lifestyle programmes and movie premieres, along with a New Year’s Eve party extravaganza from Dublin, there is sensational selection of programming for all tastes this holiday season….

YOU decide!

Xmas gift ideas.

All Irish and hand-made.

Brendan writes:

These 10 Christmas gift ideas are guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday special. From hand-made Irish gifts to the latest trends you won’t need to look anywhere else for the perfect present

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 (Painted Clans)

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘irish-Made Stuff

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