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TODAY October 2 – Saturday October 4: Hard Working Class Heroes @ various venues around Dublin city (€20 per day, €45 for 3 nights)

Nialler9 writes:

“If you’ve even a passing interest in Irish music or new music in general, you should be rubbing your hands at the prospect of this weekend’s gigs in venues like The Workman’s, Meeting House Square, The Grand Social, Button Factory, Twisted Pepper, The Mercantile and Bad Bobs. 104 Irish bands are playing the night showcases with some of them playing free gigs In The City during the day. There’s also a conference, talks, panels and speed sessions for musicians in NDRC. Three to see? Somerville, Dear Desert and Planet Parade.”

Nialler9′s Gig Guide October 2-6 (Nialler9)


Genius Footwear mogul Jason Kavanagh (centre) with Alex (left) and Rob of Missing Andy.

A pair of shoes/boots from Genius, Exchequer Street, Dublin (worth up to €120) was up for ‘grabs’ to the wittiest caption to accompany the above image.

You answered in your dozens.

Runners up

Dav: “Does it come in a 12?”

G_A: “The moustache wax hardened, the two men took hold and with the power of denim and leather, proceeded to lift the bearded messiah up off the ground. Then the sky bled and the seas boiled.”

qwerty: “Elaborate canine smuggling attempt foiled – the dog has been returned to its overjoyed owner.”

nevan: “So moustache pulling has no affect on you, eh? Then it’s time for the finger! Now tell me, WHERE DID YOU HIDE MY PENNY FARTHING??”

Mark: “I saw my Granny tune in a radio once, I’m pretty sure this is what you do”

Mick Flavin: “You know how to whistle, don’t you Jason? You just get two blokes to draw aside your ridiculous moustache, and blow.”

Mike Dublin: “I mustache to Genius for my new shoes.”

Ahjayziz: “The pubic lice. They’ve adapted.”

And the winner…

bertie blenkinsop: “So George Clooney’s bride isn’t the only beard to hit the headlines this week…”

Thanks all

Yesterday: Win His Shoes



L-r: Rob Jones (Missing Andy), Jason Kavanagh (Genius Footwear) and Alex Greaves (Missing Andy) at the Genius Footwear first birthday ‘hooley’.

Or boots.

Barry writes:

“Last week Genius in Exchequer St, Dublin celebrated their first birthday. They had a hooley in the shop and a UK band called Missing Andy played and we all had a great time.
Anyway, enough of what I did last Thursday, here’s the pitch. We have a pair of Base London shoes or boots to giveaway. They are priced from about €110 to €140 and the winner can pick any shoes or boots that they like!! The best caption for the photo above wins the shoes/boots…”

Lines stay open until Midnight.