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Dave McGuinness & friends perform Bryter Layter (1970) and other Nick Drake classics on the 40th anniversary of his death [from an overdose of anti-depressants] in the Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin tomorrow Tuesday November 25 – Doors 8pm.

Tickets €10 (€7 unwaged/students).

All in aid of Aware.

Advance tickets here.

Any excuse

Thanks Andrew Sheridan


Whose free time is it anyway?

A host of names undergo a crash course in improv in front of a life audience.

Blue nosed social media networker  Darragh Doyle writes:

“Improv Fest Ireland’s Finale Event in aid of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin returns again this year on Sunday, November 23 at the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Tickets are only €15 and all proceeds go to the charity.”

Buy tickets here

The Celebrity Comedy Improv





Some of the Edge Only collection.

Irish-made jewellery for the gnarly leather-clad headbanger within us all.

Canada-born DJ and designer Jenny Huston writes:

The impetus to start Edge Only came about in February of this year when I was designing a ring that I wanted my Mother [Jane Huston - a designer goldsmith and gemmologist] to make for me. I was describing it and sketching it badly (I don’t have her gift for drawing) and then started talking excitedly about all of the other things I thought would be cool to make down the line. Mum gave me an amused look and said “Jenny you seem to know what you want so why don’t you design a collection? Seriously – it’s not like you don’t know any goldsmiths!”

She had a good point. Mum moved back to Ireland in 1993 to set up and run the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Jewellery Skills Course, so she had been training goldsmiths in Ireland for over 17 years before finishing up to focus on her own work. I had a pool of skilled talent that I could work with here.

Before long I had enough designs to start with and the idea became real. I signed up for the Start Your Own Business course with the Dublin City Local Enterprise Office and the Enterprise Start2 course though the Dublin Business Innovation Centre . I took various other one-day and half day courses throughout March and April and crammed in as much knowledge as possible while designing and working on prototype designs with Mum.

I worked with AAD design studio on the visual identity over the summer as the master models were finalized and then the website went live on September 15. Rock & Roll and Geometric were my first collections (there had to be a nod to music in there somewhere!). I waited to formally launch the company 6 weeks later on October 29 with a further two collections Everyday Icons and Bugs (as well as further additions to the Rock & Roll and Geometric collections (All available at link below)…

Edge Only

 Edge Only (Facebook)

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just some friendly hair-tousling.


To celebrate the series of FREE events at 42 Dawson Street, Dublin this week organised by event giants Event Brite [and with a €100 Music Voucher on offer] we asked: What was your worst Irish event experience?

You answered in your tens.

Runners up:

Peckerhead: ‘My worst Irish event experience was getting a brick thrown at me by an off-duty Garda during an anti-water charges protest’. And I have the photos to prove it….

ZeligIsJaded: “My worst Irish event experience was Féile 1994. My first big concert. 16 years old and raring to go. Bought a bottle of vodka for the ‘weekend’, but like an idiot, managed to drink most of it on the train to Thurles. My partners in crime (let’s call them B & C) drank similar amounts. Upon exiting the train, we went about navigating our way to our B&B for the night. The rest in a bit of a blur, but by the time we got there, I’d managed to piss down the front of my trousers. B, who was 15 and a young 15 at that, had managed to slash his hand on broken glass, and was crying pretty loudly about it. C had acquired glow sticks from somewhere. Thinking it would be cool to open the sticks to spray the glow-in-the-dark liquid all over our clothes, he was biting the top off one stick when it sprayed into his mouth causing a fit of coughing that resulted in a bout of vomiting. So he had to proceed with puke covered clothes and a glow-in-the-dark face. I’m not 100% sure how long it took us to find the B&B (can’t have been more than 20 mins), but by the time we got there we looked worse than some of those I’ve seen returning from 3 days at EP. Fair play to the lady of the house for letting us in at all. We eventually made it to the gig and sat quietly. Too hungover and sick to do anything else.”

Mike Dublin: “My worst Irish experience ever is going to see the Pope when I was four. We were there FOREVER and my granny was sitting on the only deck chair we had. God, I wanted that chair. I was so jealous. There she was sitting smugly on that lovely light blue heavenly comfortable striped nylon chair surrounded by Moo mint wrappers……. God rest her.”

Shane: “My worst Irish event experience was my sister’s wedding. I passed out on top of the wedding cake and got sick on her dress.”

Roro Shabado: “My worst Irish event experience was having a very inebriated man expel urine upon my leg at a Metallica gig in the RDS. How very un-rock and roll.”

Scooperman: “My worst Irish event experience was at EP [Electric Picnic] a few years ago. I was rolling up a joint and a lovely looking young wan came over and started chatting to me. Turned out she was an undercover cop and I was nicked. Sh1t times.”

RoryG: “Oasis at Slane a few years back. We had to walk for miles with hundreds others past far too-few Dublin buses, which had frustrating amounts of room inside but were not letting any more people on. We were completely out of Cigarettes and Alcohol and Dublin seemed like Half the World Away. We were picked up at about 6am on a country road by a random passing bus. The driver took pity on us Crying our Hearts Out. Before our rescue we had soggy chips sold to us from a derelict boarded-up pub and rested in a ditch for a while. It took 9 hours to get from Slane to Dublin. I didn’t even live here at the time and had to sleep on a wooden floor in a mate’s house when we finally arrived. Haven’t been back to Slane since…I try not to look Back in Anger but to this day I still get the sweats whenever Wonderwall comes on the radio… D’You know what I mean?”

Pooter: “I went to all the Munster rugby matches. And I had a ticket for the match in Thomond Park on 31st October 1978. Against the All Blacks. However, as fate would have it, I had the flu and could not go…… What a match to miss. Definitely my worst ever event experience. Still have the ticket though.”

And the winner:

Robert: “My worst Irish event experience was the time I en[Comment Incomplete Due to Dropped Wifi Coverage At Technology Event. Systems Report: More Than Two People Using Wifi Simultaneously].”

Thanks all.

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