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From left: Elina Thorsell, Cecilia Kallin and Bodil Bergström in Waterloo (ahem) Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 this afternoon

On Monday we posted a plea from photogenic Swedish folk pop group Timoteij to find a Dubin venue to play this Saturday.

The band, in town to provide backing vocals on fellow countrywoman Erika Selin’s bid for Eurosong 2015 tonight, wanted to showcase their music in a welcome setting.

Many teenage boys venues got in touch.

The band were “overwhelmed”.

But there can be only one.

Timoteij’s Stockholm-based Irish ‘rep’ Philip O’Connor writes:

The lucky winner is the Mercantile [Dame Street] Dublin , where Timoteij will take the stage at 9pm Irish time on Saturday. FREE. If you want a taster Timoteij gave a lovely performance on The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio One this morning. Listen here

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The second Le Cool Dublin cover (this was the first) from Tipperary born Elizabeth Burgess, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Dublin.

Elizabeth sez,

“First I’ll do lots and lots of research, I’m a bit of a mood board queen! Then I’ll start sketching and putting all my ideas together. Once I’m finally happy with a sketch I’ll scan it on to my computer and finish it up in illustrator. I love playing with texture and colours so I make a lot of swatches for every piece I do.. My inspiration for the cover was spring – also I’m a sucker for optical illusions!”


This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Elizabeth

noel-gallagher-press-oct-636-380Noel Gallagher


Further to his thoughts on Bono

Melanie O’Connor writes:

On the Saturday Night Show, High Flying Birds frontman and former Oasis star Noel Gallagher will be in studio to chat to Brendan [O'Connor] and perform two songs from their new album Chasing Yesterday.
Presenter of The Voice of Ireland Kathryn Thomas will drop by to talk about the finale of Operation Transformation, her new business venture and how 2014 was her greatest but toughest year yet. Plus controversial GAA pundit Joe Brolly discusses the importance of organ donation as well as player welfare and the growing injury crisis within the GAA.


The Saturday Night Show, RTÉ One, 9.35pm.

(Contact Music)


A beloved Italian companion.


Louise Hendricks writes:

Beloved Vespa lifted from a (supposedly) secured car park in Temple Bar Dublin 2 at 2:30am on Tuesday. They have a guy on CCTV but aren’t holding out much hope of retrieving it.
It’s a Vespa LXV 125, grey with missing side-mirrors and a few scratches on both sides of the body. Sorely missed…a loyal companion for the past 5 years! Just trying to do anything/my best to get it back.



Blackly comedic, defiant price gouging.

Up the Dubs.

Charleville Lodge Hotel (Facebook)

Thanks Niall O’Keeffe




back in February 5…

A hotel in Dublin’s north city, the Charleville Lodge, has advertised a campaign on its Facebook page, offering guests 50% off their room bill if they turn up with their Water Charges Application Form in the shape of a paper airplane.

….Just as interestingly, the Charleville seems like it’s not averse to wringing every last cent it can out of the public when it suits their own requirements. Consider the fact that a double room this summer is currently priced at €118, except on the night of Saturday 20th June, when the price curiously shoots up to €227. How could this be?

Well, just like every hotel within a 5-mile radius of Croke Park, it celebrates the announcement of a concert in Croke Park by doubling its prices, and with The Script playing Croker that night, they know that the average punter will have no choice but to fork out for a room as the gigs don’t finish much before 11pm.

And with the imminent announcement of two Bruce Springsteen concerts in the same venue this summer, the Charleville Lodge is no doubt licking its lips at the chance to fleece the ordinary people of Ireland, about whom it cares so much, once again.

Just like so many hotels in Dublin city centre, its message is quite clear. It’s not OK to rip off the public, unless its them doing the ripping-off…

Hotel hikes its prices for Croker gig … it’s a script that’s sadly predictable (Michael O’Doherty, Herald)