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Tabitha writes:

Above is a One4all Personalised Gift Card design that we’ve made especially for Broadsheet. You may  be familiar (we hope) with One4all Gift Cards. One4all cards can be redeemed in over 5,300 outlets nationwide and with no expiry date. We now have a ‘Personalise My card’ service where you can upload any image or message . Perfect stocking filler. One4all are owned by the Gift Voucher Shop, an Irish company based in Swords [Co Dublin].


Irish-Made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a cuddle.


Oh yes.

Navan-based pumpkin growers Alright Pumpkin are back in the big smoke [Dublin] with their unique brand of pumpkin patch TODAY in South Studios, New Row South, Dublin 8 from 12 til 5 with Cool Beans offering edible warmth, comfort and support.

To celebrate Broadsheet readers can put it all on red/orange.

The prize is a chance to take home as many pumpkins as they, or their nominee, can physically carry from the patch.

To enter, just complete this simple sentence:

‘I demand my body weight in pumpkins for the following reason(s)______________________’

Lines MUST close at 12.45pm

Alright Pumpkins 

No cash, fee or squash plants were given for this post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 16.11.25

You may recall the Wall Buddy [the almost life-size GAA wall posters] competition yesterday?

We have a winner.

‘Fast Forward wins the prize of a free Wall Buddy for correctly identifying the GAA stars above and giving us reasons for their pin up status.

His entry.

From left: Caroline O’Hanlon, Armagh ladies captain who scored a penalty in their Ulster final victory over Monaghan, their first Ulster title in seven years; David Moran, who after returning from two ankle injuries and two years out of the game won his place back in the Kerry team mid-season this year before going on to win an All-Ireland Medal and an All-Star, an outstanding role model for determination and persistence, and finally Seamus Callanan, who despite being written off by the press as past his prime (he’s only 25) finished the year as top scorer in the Championship 9 goals and 50 points.

Thanks all.

Yesterday: A Hurl At Bedtime



Paul Murphy, of Murphy of Ireland writes:.

In this info-graphic you will learn about the origins of some of the most well-known Irish artifacts and how they are made. Many of the patterns and designs used in traditional Irish clothing and jewelry have hidden symbolism and can be traced to intriguing Irish stories and legends. I am sending this to you as I think that your readers might be interested. I hope you like it and if you have any feedback whatsoever, do let me know!




Or an excellent Irish-made stocking filler?

You must decide.

Raphaële Beyssac writes:

I’m an Ireland based business though I’m not Irish myself…I’m a French Dubliner.These (above) are little lavender sachets that are just the right size for a stocking filler. They come in four colours (pink, blue, green and orange) and are filled with 100% lavender.
My business is called La Creature And You. I have been designing and making home decor products for the past three years. I print fabric and turn it into pillows, bags, tea towels , etc. I also do a lot of personalisation, I can write names and whatever texts on my products. I sell online and deliver abroad. My shop is here….Thank you.

La Creature And You

Irish-Made Stocking Fillers to marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers. No fee, that’s not our ‘bag’.


This morning.

Krakow International Airport, Poland.

Martin C writes:

Ryanair’s new classy image is just a pile of marketing cock….
I figured it was a good idea to take the kids on a break to see Auschwitz/Birkenau for a couple of days but we’re stranded in Krakow airport now, day number 2 due to freezing fog nothing leaving or landing (I only know that because of flightradar24 when I get the odd sliver of wifi) and it’s all stacking up however Ryanair have NO STAFF on the ground, ZERO ASSISTANCE, chaos…upset kids, angry adults and the airport have stupidly kept cramming people into the airside gate area like cattle knowing full well nothing is happening (the flight boards have the flights up but with bullsh*t times, you can see some flights circling now for over an hour with flightradar24, others like mine haven’t even left their origin you liars) having use of a laptop and wifi is all fine and well for someone like me but there’s a lot of older people in the frame that are not internet savvy, trying to help them out I’m becoming some sort of a mini-travel agent…MICHAEL O’LEARY GET SOME FUPPING BUSSES ORGANISED NOW TO TAKE US TO BERLIN OR SOME AIRPORT THAT YOU CAN LAND YOUR PLANES INTO TO GET US OUT OF HERE AND HOME. PLEASE.



Green Party’s Dan Boyle (left), Eamon Ryan (centre) and Trevor Sargent during the 2011 General Election

Further to the Green Party proposal of a referendum on the public ownership of our water.

Dan Boyle writes:

Public anger and frustration in Ireland at how water is being made available and is expected to be paid for, has come about because no one at a Government level has managed to provided a satisfactory answer as to who is benefitting from this?

As a basic essential of life water should be considered the ultimate public utility. The fear exists that by creating an Irish Water company the government is setting the scene to sell the country’s water infrastructure to the private sector and with that the ability to practically print money by being able to charge the public for the right to use water.

This is why the Green Party is calling on the Government to advance the legislation for a referendum on public ownership of water as a priority, and to ensure that it is included with the Bills already scheduled to be passed in order to hold other referenda in 2015.

Green Party councillors across the country have already submitted motions to their respective councils in Louth, Fingal, Dublin City, Dublin South, Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown, Wicklow and Kilkenny, calling for these councils to support a referendum on the public ownership of water.

The Green Party is proposing the inclusion of the following new Article 10.5 into Bunreacht na hÉireann, which would state:

“The State shall treat drinking water as an essential resource and in the interests of the common good the State shall not provide for the privatisation or commercialisation of water services for the people”.

If Irish Water has been established to rationalise services and provide economies of scale why has it increased the numbers working within it, increasing costs whilst introducing a bonus culture for not its work particularly well?

If introducing water charges in this way through this body is about encouraging water conservation, why are flat rate charges being made, that allow water users use as much water in whatever way they like?

If this method of seeking payment for water is to get consumers to think differently on how water is used, then how come the money isn’t being recycled in grants for householders to develop rainwater collection systems?

By any measure the steps taken by the Irish government on the future use and development of the country’s water infrastructure, with the establishment of the shambolic Irish Water company, is failing on every level. A constitutional provision is necessary to prevent this and any future governments from making any further mistakes.

Dan Boyle is a former TD and Senator.

Sign the petition here

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)