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You might recall yesterday’s Zig And Zag competition giveaway?

We asked: How would YOU describe a childhood without the furry aliens?

The winners of a copy of the 25th Anniversary re-issue of  The Fridge In A Denim Jacket by Zig and Zag (O’Brien Press) are:

Sheila: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like an children’s afternoon show never playing the whole of a music video…. oh.”

Eimear: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like being left out of a really good inside joke.”

Luna Love God: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like a head without Zogabons: lacking in joy.”

Gerrup: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like a belly-button fluff collection without the fluff.”

moochaill: “A childhood without Zig and Zag is like people who tell you you’re beige when you’re really fawn: just wrong.”

Joseph McGinley: “A childhood withoug Zig and Zag is like a big green bicycle eater on a diet.”

Thanks all.

Yesterday: Care To Zig A Zig Ah?

Thanks Geraldine Feehily.




Lines MUST close at 10.50.



Dawson Street, Dublin

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

The Royal Hibernian Hotel (top), owned by the Besson family, was Dublin’s oldest hotel, dating from the 18th century. it was demolished in 1984 and was replaced by the Royal Hibernian Way (above) in 1987. Congrats to Nobbley, Bellweather and Kerryview.




The re-issue of a timeless classic.

A gift to pass on to the children of the future.

Or to sit beside the Harpic in your ironic loo book collection.

Geraldine Feehily of O’Brien Press writes:

“Today is the official publication date for the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Fridge in a Denim Jacket by Zig and Zag. It’s full of ridiculously zany jokes and handy tips for life, like how to master Zogspeak and how to recognise a Green Wibbly Wobbly Monster. We Have SIX copies to giveaway to six Broadsheet readers judged the best at completing the sentence below:

“A childhood without Zig and Zag is like _________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.45pm

The Fridge In A Denim Jacket (Zig and Zag, O’Brien Press)

No cash, favours, bukes, etc given for this post other than de prizes.


Our popular Irish Made Stocking-Fillers space filler returns this Wednesday.

It’s a veritable catalogue of guaranteed Irish quality gift suggestions.

Are you an Irish business selling items online that could handsomely stuff the stockings of Broadsheet readers either here or ABROAD?

Send your Irish-Made stocking fillers (with a brief history of your company) marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’ to No fee just a nuzzle.


Were you ‘on’ last night?

An urgent appeal.

Ross Geraghty writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but a taxi drove off with ALL my worldly possessions last night. Literally everything I own in the world and having just returned to work after a period of unemployment I really am up shit Creek right now. I’d really appreciate it if you could put something up on your site. it was just after Midnight from Camden Street  and the taxi dropped me at the Supervalue in Churchtown. I’ve tried the guards but it wasn’t handed in. I’d just finished work and threw my bag in the boot, once I got our the driver must have forgot I’d my bag in the boot and left. …”