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Earlier, while dangling a Golden Discs voucher worth TWENTY FIVE Large (Euros) before your eyes, we asked: What was the best live music performance in your view?

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only one winner.

Upside down drums. Check

Acrobatic rhythm section. Tick.

Chewbacca on lead vocals. Present

Few could realistically compete with Winny Puhh playing at the Estonian Eurosong competition in 2013, chosen by Phelem Mooney and Rory, who recalls:

“They came second if memory serves. It’s a pity they didn’t make it to Eurovision.”

Phelem and Rory win a Golden Discs voucher each!!

Runners up:

Liam Deliverance: “The greatest live performance deserving of the Golden Discs voucher was obviously U2 and L. Pavarotti – Miss Sarajevo. We have to wait over three minutes for the great, late, Luciano Pavarotti to replace the soft and familiar voice of Bono with a voice from the gods and it’s so worth it. Instant goosebumps. Great video, wonderful lyrics and poignancy, timeless piece of live music.”

Mr P: “Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water – Madison Square Garden, NYC – 2009
A voice from God, delivering a song written by a genius, accompanied by the perfect musicians.The two just couldn’t get on together, but you can clearly see that they have deep love and respect for each other.Spine tingling stuff.”

Bertie Blenkinsop: “Paul Shane – You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’”

Ouch: “Prince – Housequake , for the dance moves in the last minute alone!”

Squiggleyjoop: ‘The greatest live performance deserving of the Golden Discs voucher was obviously Girlfriend Is Better from Stop Making Sense.

The Bad Ambassador: “Can’t believe I’m saying this… but the most visually stunning live performance I have ever seen has been Pink’s “Glitter in the Air”. Would’t be my kind of music (Mrs. Ambassador loves it) – it’s not a bad aul’ song to be fair but when she is swinging around in some silks with spirals of water running off her body, it’s pretty impressive. Here she is at the Grammys.”

Waddy Dilson: “The greatest live performance deserving of the Golden Discs voucher was obviously Arcade Fire at Electric Picnic 2005. The tent could only hold a couple of thousand people but I’ve probably met ten times that who said they were there. Nothing makes a performance iconic like a whole lot of people faking memories of being there.That or Beastie Boys at a later Electric Picnic when the guards had to be called to restrict the amount of people trying to get into the tent, they had to remove the walls of the tent for people who couldn’t get near it to at least be able to hear it.”

Hank: “The greatest live performance deserving of a golden discs voucher was undoubtedly Linda Martin’s genre-defining version of Get Lucky as she writhed like an erotic python in front of a visibly engorged Brendan O’Connor”

Thanks all

Golden Discs

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A Golden Discs voucher worth TWENTY FIVE big ones (Euros) to spend at any of the 13 Gold Discs stores nationwide is on offer.

All we ask from you is for a tune we can play at 1pm 2pm  TODAY.

To celebrate the outdoor music festival season Golden Discs would like to hear about a memorable live performance.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘The greatest live performance deserving of the Golden Discs voucher was obviously______________________’

Lines MUST close at 12.45pm 1.45pm

Golden Discs

Thanks Sinead




From top: Clr Gary Gannon  at government buildings last month; Gary Gannon

The age of political spin is fading. What is emerging is a desire to understand what our elected representatives actually stand for.

Gary Gannon writes:

It has almost become a pejorative label in our society but I’m just going to come right out and say it; I am a politician.

I am currently a City Councillor who does aspire to be a national legislator and as such, I will contest the next general election in the constituency of Dublin Central.

I am a member of the Social Democrats. Along with others with whom I share similar values, I am committed to building this political party to the point where we can enact legislation and create budgets in the manner that we feel reflect the wishes of Irish society today.

The above is only really important in the sense that each week I intend on sharing my views with you, the readers of on a variety of different issues.

You should be aware though that at an unspecified time in the future I will be requesting that you might place your trust in my party, over the others that may be on offer.

I won’t be overtly using this particular column for that purpose, but nor should I insult your intelligence by claiming that it isn’t a factor in my considerations.

Last week I wrote an article for which detailed our inhumane system of Direct Provision. In the week previous to that I had requested the opportunity to present a weekly op-ed for and was thrilled when the response came back positively.

I chose to write about Direct Provision first because it is an issue which often keeps me awake at night but I perhaps should have begun by outlining my reasons in requesting this opportunity in the first instance.

This week it was my full intention to examine the issue of alcohol-related health campaigns that are funded by commercial interests. At Monday’s [Dublin City] council meeting I had a motion passed which will in future prohibit the granting of advertising space to these campaigns so this column would have been a very obvious place to elaborate upon why I felt this was an important issue.

I very well may do so in the future but for the moment, it just felt a little wrong to dive straight into that type of conversation.

You see, I am conscious that I am not an impartial commentator. Nor am I an opinion writer or a columnist. These people play an important role in society in terms of generating debate or offering an alternative perspective to the topical issues of the day.

This country, or indeed this world, does not need just another moralising politician who can highlight the ills of society without actually offering a ‘So, here’s what I/we would do differently’ paragraph.

I strongly believe that a politician should have an actual opinion on a multitude of issues that they will potentially have to legislate for or against in the future.

I want a space where I can show to as many people as possible that yes, this is what I believe and this is why I believe that to be so. I requested this column not so much because I feel my opinions or actions are particularly revolutionary or inspiring; I requested this column because I want to be held to account for them.

The term ‘new-politics’ has been sullied recently but I am a person who believes in transformative politics which can re-imagine the cultural landscape of Irish society.

To embody those principles means that I really have no interest in shaking hands with people at the back of mass or finding the cleverest way of saying nothing at all.

Rather I feel what this country has lacked is politicians who are prepared to share honest opinions that may result not in the dreaded loss of votes but in affording citizens the respect of knowing what the person they are voting for actually represents.

It has only ever been in the rarest of moments in Irish politics that we have been presented with the opportunity to hear the true authentic voice of our politicians. We should know what motivates a person to seek an office where you will make decisions daily that will impact upon the lives of other people.

The age of political spin is fading. What is emerging from the electorate is a desire to understand what our elected representatives actually stand for.

Social media and online journals such as lay down the gauntlet to us as public representatives to demonstrate the courage of our convictions by simply taking a position on an issue that can be challenged if necessary.

Gary Gannon is a Social Democrats Councillor on Dublin City Counicil for Dublin’s North Inner City. Gar’s column will appear here every Friday before lunch. Follow Gary on Twitter: @1garygannon


From top: Protest outside Leinster House, 2016; Dan Boyle

Being unburdened by history and being uncaring about the future are just some of the benefits  of living in the ‘Us’ world.

Dan Boyle writes:

For the past ten years of my life I have been one of Them. I didn’t apply for membership and I don’t particularly want to be a member. It has been determined that this is who I am and this is where I should be.

It is only membership of the Irish branch of the global Them organisation, nevertheless, the sins of the many throughout the World are visited on we few.

Unlike the far more cool group, the Us organisation, we in Them are responsible for all that is bad or has gone wrong. Our foibles are all equivalent, equal to the worst transgressions that have ever been committed.

I long to be part of the Us group. Those whose accusations have greater weight when based on prejudice without needing to be in any way evidentially based. Facts about Them become facts through repetition.

The flaws of an Us member get to be judged differently. These are more sins of omission than commission. Context is all in the Us world. For their selfs at least.

Language is looser. Us people get to harangue Them losers at great length and with deep intensity. No epithet is out of bounds.

Consistency in word, thought or deed is not encouraged in the Us world. To be or become consistent is something of a heresy.

Logic is a pathetic shield that we in Them hide behind. The freedom to change what we say and what we believe is only the prerogative of those who belong with Us.

Being unburdened by history and being uncaring about the future are other hidden benefits of living in the Us world. In their world the counter factual explains everything.

A thesis doesn’t need to be challenged. If it exists it is believed. It becomes endorsed by others among Us who accept the truth it becomes.

As we in Them are responsible for all that is wrong, all that is required for Us to put things right, is to be the polar opposite of those who have brought wrong about.

The leaders of Us tell Us what they want to hear. Among Them there are those experts. Of whom there are too many. Of whose thoughts too much weight has been given. To whom too much attention has been made that has led Us down too many dark alleys.

For Us people there are no complex situations. There are no issues that cannot be resolved without the devising of an appropriate slogan. Solutions, like facts, become solved through the repetition of these mantras. It’s quite Zen like.

There is the option of being neither part of Us or Them. It is the saner option. The only downside is that the Us and Them groups share a mutual antipathy towards the Other. For both groups Other Wise is an oxymoron.

Maybe there is an Other way. A different way. A better way. For those who dream it is to be hoped that it may soon become Thus.

Dan Boyle is a former Green Party TD and Senator. Follow Dan on Twitter: @sendboyle