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Rebacca T writes:

Lily who works at getting in the Christmas spirit!


Alexandra T writes:

Molly doing her best reindeer impersonation….


Kate D writes:

Hooper is always delighted by our offering of the giant cat toy in the living room.


Sinead writes:

Got this photo from my mum last night. Poor Bruno – he’s really not feeling the Christmas spirit in this get up.



All the pathos heavy pets that have appeared in Broadsheet’s My Pet at Xmas this year.

Is your dog/cat/rabbit among the menagerie of 120 Xmas-attired animals?

Kindly and patiently compiled by Sam Fitzpatrick, who has no pets of his own.

Hence the plaintive piano music.


A happy Xmas to all pet owning readers. My pet at Xmas to marked ‘My Pet At Xmas.


Should there be room in your stocking.

A sample sale from the latest collections by Irish designers.

Natalie writes:

Hi, we are having a Sample Sale today and tomorrow, 13 designers all under 1 roof, great discounts so perfect for Christmas gifts/stocking fillers…..

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’


Tennis balls Neon pom poms for the lobes?

Dinner plate-sized rings for the hands?

Oh go on then.

Emmie writes:

I run a jewellery business called Emmie Lou. All Emmie Lou Jewellery is designed & created in Ireland. Emmie lou is all about creating bold, statement pieces for confident women with a daring sense of style. I sell online [link below] and I also sell through the Loft Market, top floor of The Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2 and at various markets in Dublin and the surrounding areas. This Sunday I will be at the Block T Christmas market. Happy Christmas…

Emmie Lou Jewellery

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a virtual ear rub.


Two €50 vouchers to Rocket’s by Eddie Rocket’s (at the IFSC and Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Dublin) were on offer.

We asked: what was your most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience.

You answered in your dozens.

Runners up:

Schweddy: “My most memorable Eddie Rockets moment was when I woke up after a session in Whelans with yellow fingers. Took me a few hours to remember that we’d ended up in Eddie Rockets and that I’d absolutely destroyed a bowl of cheese chips.”

SB: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved my daughter not realising it was sugar she was pouring over her chips. She had never seen one of those salt-shaker-like sugar dispensers before. Sweet!”

Gina Tonic: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved an evening meal with my Jewish friend. She rang her mother to say she was home before sundown on the sabbath, but she was actually in Eddie’s with me tucking into a hot dog. Oy vey!”

Cloflo: My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involves every Christmas eve for the past few years meeting my best friend in town, we both live abroad and meet up to traipse around getting all of her Christmas shopping, then hit Eddies for the long overdue catch up.

Brian: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved what I thought was a closed bottle of ketchup, followed by me shaking it vigorously. Ketchup all over me and people in the booths to my left and right. Shake it off shake it off!!”

realPolithick: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience was when some bo**ix in the booth next to me shook his fu*king bottle of ketchup with the lid off and it went all over me and my mates. €50 is the least I deserve!”


Selina Vav: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved taking a trip down to Killarney and we popped into Eddie Rocket’s for a bite to eat. As we waited for our food, we decided to give the Juke box a go. Not really sure why cause never usually works…But low and behold the minute we selected our song IT CAME ON!!!”

pmc: “My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience is being gee-eyed and trying to score with my hot Film Studies lecturer – following him into the toilets and everything. He’s not gay. I am. Morto.”

Thanks all

Eddie Rocket’s

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Products from the Irish-made  ‘Acid’ collection.

Arron Croasdell writes:

I’m a Dublin based Illustrator & Graphic Designer and I’m currently flogging a variety of wares  (link below)… I like my work to a have a rough, strong feel to it and under no circumstances will ever use a ruler…..


The Acid collection

Irsh-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a yuletide cuddle..


Kindness and stationery.

Left all over Dublin.

Elaine Kellegher writes:

I design greeting cards, framed prints and more (baby/wedding stationery) and have been spreading Christmas around Dublin by surprising people around the city today, leaving little Christmas surprises for them at bus stops, in the Dublin Bike baskets, on postboxes, parking ticket machines etc.
The surprise contains one of my first ever collection of Christmas Cards for the lucky recipient to send/give to someone special encouraging people to be more traditional this year and to let someone know they care with a handwritten card. There was also something sweet in the bag to add to the Christmas cheer….

Collection here.

Elaine Kelleher (Facebook)

Elaine Kellegher Photogrpahy And Design

Irish-Made stocking fillers to marked Irish-Made Stocking Fillers.