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A bit Mutt and Jeff?

Named after the martyr?

That’s him!

Karl writes:

“You dropped your wallet on Merrion Square [Dublin] his evening while cycling a Dublin Bike. I picked it up but didn’t catch you because you were on a bike and I was not (also, I am slow and chasing you in work shoes while wearing a suit was very unedifying). You also appear to be hard of hearing because I was shouting at you. I might be slow but I am not quiet. Anyway, your wallet is intact as are its contents and cash and it can be collected just off Merrion Square tomorrow. I’ll drop it in to the Gardai at lunchtime if no contact is made through Broadsheet.


UPDATE: Mission accomplished! (see comments)

bread bread2

The National Brown bread Making Competition sponsored by Aldi

Don’t be fooled by the smiles and pleasantries.

This is crumb-strewn domestic drama of the highest quality.

Joanne writes:

“Who says there isn’t pride in baking a brown bread…note the emotions of our 8 finalists who now head to the Aldi tent of the National Ploughing Championships [next month].

To celebrate we have a €100 voucher ( yes ONE HUNDRED EUROS) for Aldi (which you may spend on brown bread or other items at any Aldi store). Just complete this sentence. ‘Irish brown bread is special because_________’”

*ties apron*

Lines MUST close at 2.15pm 2.45pm


We asked…

How many well known faces can you spot in Annie West’s stunning  Sligo Fleadh 2014 poster (above)?

The winner chosen was  Ciara who named the following and will receive her own print on LOVELY paper:

Chris Hadfield, Michel D Higgins, Michael Coleman, WB Yeats, Kieran Quinn,Cathy Jordan, Seamie O’Dowd, Francie Boylan, Liam Kelly, Jame Blennerhasset, Niamh Crowley, Kian Egan, the band Moxie (aka Ted and Jos Kelly, Paddy Hazelton, Cillian Doheny, Darren Roche) Dervish, Eileen Magner, Tommie Gorman, Michael Claffey. Oh and Wally!

Annie writes:

“Ciara got the most although half of them are people I’ve never heard of….”


Thanks all

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British Troops142

British soldiers at the junction of Moore Street and Parnell Street (top) and not, as we claimed in our Google StreetView reconstruction, Henry Street (above).

Mark Humphrys writes:

“Your graphic (above) on this page: is wrong. It shows the 1916 Rising barricade at the wrong end of Moore St, as I explain on my site here..”

Sorry Mark and all.


Saturday August 23: Vestibule x White Collar Boy: The Drifter, Matt Karmil, Twinkranes, White Collar Boy, Somerville @ Merrion Square, Dublin (3pm – 11pm, €20)

Nialler9 writes:

“An all-day outdoor music party in Merrion Square to celebrate Aoife Tunney’s exhibition of contemporary art that has resided in the square since May, electronic duo White Collar Boy have curated a lineup of international DJs and talent from closer to home including the Connemara spectral folk singer Somerville and the motorik-rock of Twinkranes.”

Nialler9′s Gig Guide August 19-25

Bell Lane coffee boss Stephen Bell

A kilo of Mullingar-based Artisan coffee roasters Bell Lane espresso blend Dragonfly and a kilo of their Moondust blend PLUS a Hario home grinder was on offer.

We asked YOU: why espresso?

You answered shakily in your dozens.

Runners up:

“Espresso is the finest member of the Italian coffee family because it’s like myself! Incredibly dark and bitter and is best consumed in small doses.” (Optimus Grime)

“Espresso is the finest member of the Italian coffee family because like an elderly Italian Uncle, it’ll smack you across the face, pull your cheeks and say “Why you no married, eh? Too good for the ladies Mistera Biggatheshot” (Murtles)

“Espresso is the finest member of the Italian coffee family because IT GETS SH*T DONE.” (Mikey)

Espresso is the finest member of the Italian coffee family because without it I wouldn’t get to tut-tut in my head at people who constantly pronounce it as ECKK-SPRESOH…..kinda like the way some people keep on using the word PANINI to incorrectly describe their favourite ‘Cuisine de France-based toasted sandwich roll that they are ordering at the deli counter during lunchtime which in fact is the plural term (PANINO being the singular term e.g. may I have one ham and cheese panino please). So there.” (Martco)


“Espresso is the finest member of the Italian coffee family because it is the ultimate, finely-tuned expression of hundreds of years of coffee cultivation. It is humanity’s greatest achievement distilled into one small shot of earthy, roasted goodness. I like coffee. Weeeeee!” (Simon)

Thanks all

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Bell Lane

Thanks Eoin