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Seth Casteel’s photographs of adorable kitties caught in mid-pounce.

You may know him from the previous, equally aborbz series Underwater Puppies.

Also available in book form.


hermantheconcernedcat1 hermantheconcernedcat2 hermantheconcernedcat5 hermantheconcernedcat6 hermantheconcernedcat9

Herman – an exotic shorthair kitten from Denmark – born with unusually large eyes, causing him to (a) look perpetually concerned and (b) have an Instagram account.






Dublin 4

Luke Brennan writes:

In my back garden…I’m having my heartstrings pulled by a street cat who has given birth to a pair of kittens who keep popping out of the greenery.

(Thanks Luke Brennan)



Julian Brophy writes:

“For anyone around the Donore Avenue area in Dublin 8, our kitty Lester has gone missing and we’d love to find him. Please help by giving this a share! Last seen Sunday, February 14. His route is around Ebenezer Terrace, Brown St. and Harman St. Thank you!”


Thanks Emer


In the latest installment of their Pet Film Series, the Pet Collective presents the story of Finding Nemo, as told by a kid and his kittens.

Ah come on. They’ve spelled Nemo with an adorable backwards ‘e’ and everything.