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Johnstown Park, Dublin this morning

This afternoon.

Minus 9!

15.8 in old money.


This afternoon.

A poster for Merchant’s Quay Ireland homeless and drugs services in Dublin.

Temperatures could plummet to -7C tonight (RTÉ)


the-canadian-tire-ice-truck-designboom-02 the-canadian-tire-ice-truck-designboom-23 the-canadian-tire-ice-truck-designboom-21 the-canadian-tire-ice-truck-designboom-06 the-canadian-tire-ice-truck-designboom-05

An elaborate and rather brilliant promo for the Motomaster Eliminator battery made by auto parts retailer Canadian Tire

A Chevrolet 2500HD truck chassis with a body shell hewn from nearly five tonnes of ice, complete with mirrors, reg plate, door handles and hanging air freshener.

Frozen to -40ºC, the construction team successfully drove the glaciated pickup for over a kilometer through the streets of Ontario, highlighting the resilience of the battery (and the average Canadian ass) to extremes of cold.




Wikipedia sez:

At temperatures below about −25 °C (−13 °F), bubbles will freeze in the air and may shatter when hitting the ground. When a bubble is blown with warm air, the bubble will freeze to an almost perfect sphere at first, but when the warm air cools, and a reduction in volume occurs, there will be a partial collapse of the bubble. A bubble, created successfully at this low temperature, will always be rather small; it will freeze quickly and will shatter if increased further.

That’s what we thought.

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