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oversized phones, underdressed girls, hideousness etc.

dragon-m_1764780a1003308_563749570343408_176860499_n1004076_563749827010049_296228055_n 1070102_563749617010070_1439497387_nA promo by London PR company Tayler Herring for the Blinkbox premiere of Game Of Thrones season 3 – a  40 foot giant dragon’s head which appeared on the Dorset coast earlier this week (harking back to a similar discovery made at King’s Landing by Arya Stark).



Probably spilling all over their laps. Toast crumbs everywhere. What are we paying our road tax for?

Perishing rockers.

Aidan sez:

Coast to Coast: Tea and Toast. Our cross country charity promotional event pairs promoting Irish bands with raising money for Down Syndrome Ireland culminating with a finale gig in Whelan’s Dublin on March 30th 2013.

And the tay?

Team Goldenplec crosses the country, Coast to Coast from Dublin to Galway on Good Friday 29th March meeting a band in every county we pass through for a cup of tay, a slice of toast and a one song gig recorded on mobile phones.


Tickets for the Whelan’s gig are €10 and a “very decent” headline act is promised.

Oh, go on then.



With some difficulty.

Dr. Conor O’Brien has created an app called (LBD) Little Black Dress, which helps you lose “8-10” pounds in five weeks. He roped in Andrea Hayes (from Country Mix 106.8FM) and models Rachel Lally (left) and Grace Fox and took himself to the hallowed PR ground of Stephen’s Green. In a bizarre twist one of the Lovely Girls was heard to mutter as she ran by: “Physician, heal thyself.” There was really no need for that.

(Photocall Ireland)

It was for Cadbury’s this morning.  Amy’s dress matches the Cadbury colours you see. Keith, meanwhile, is about to play Hula ‘Hubes’. 

Don’t these people have enough money?

(Photocall Ireland)

Comedian Paddy Courtney, above at the weekend, has been asked by 7Up to do seven things before the summer ends, including horse riding, abseiling and surfing. He might even have a go at water-boarding!

In fact, if it’s fun, he’s “7Up for it”.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Seriously, he’s shilling for PepsiCo.

The Fairy ‘godbrothers’ are also going to have their collar felt by the ‘Too Gay? (and not the good kind of gay)’ Police.

(Pic by Photocall Ireland, this morning outside the Olympia. Yes they’re doing panto. Behind you, that’s a big wand, etc., etc.)

Look closely. See? There. It’s like a shadow. Near O’Callaghan. There (pause). There (pause). You’re not looking. There (pause). There (pause). There (pause). There (pause) etc.

There (pause).

(We did tell you about Ryan Tubridy’s forthcoming documentary on JFK? It’s to go with his buke, see)