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From top: Tom and Lucy with their children, from left: Eileen, Lila, Myles and Sheila; Sheila (sitting) and her family this morning.

Andrew Tyrrell writes:

Sheila O’Leary [age 93] bright and ready for her place at the Easter parade surrounded by her family this morning. Sheila is the daughter of Tom “The Boer” Byrne and Lucy Smyth who were both present in the GPO during the rising.

Tom and Lucy (Stories of 1916)


Irish Independent Easter Rising commemoration coverage, Easter Monday, 1966

In 1916 there were many to revile the Rising , not least this newspaper, as our critics have long taken care to remind us, for the Rising seemed to undermine what Parliamentary endeavour had achieved. There were also many, then and later, to revile the vast army of Irishmen who went to die by their thousands in Flanders trenches and the surf off Gallipoli…

Irish Independent’ editorial, Easter Monday, 1966

No change there then.


Thanks Kevin Jenkinson and Michael Breheny


Fergus O’Neill writes:

In September 2015 the last 15 storey Ballymun tower (Plunkett tower) was demolished. The tower blocks were built in 1966, fifty years after the 1916 Rising. An attempt (a badly failed one some might say) to provide social housing for the exploding Dublin population.

The seven high-rise towers were optimistically named after the seven signatories of the proclamation. Tens of Millions have been spent commemorating the centenary year but still we have no new childrens hospital, a broken hospital service, a homelessness crisis and a housing crisis.

… to celebrate the occasion I’ve produced an illustration entitled ‘The Towers’. The print is available from the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street [Dublin 2] and for Easter week. All proceeds go to the Simon Community

Fergus O’Neill