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Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 just now.

(Thanks Oisín Kane)


I’m making contact from the An Post Communications Department about the ‘One Job’ post by Chompsky at 12:26pm today.

Rather than being an error, as per the ‘One Job’ caption, a member of the public has peeled away the vinyl advertisement and replaced it, upside down, on the An Post meter box. This has been pointed out in one of the comments below the post by an observant/sensible reader of broadsheet.ie

Meter boxes are An Post property for the collection of Meter Post (from businesses) in that area. So, we consider this activity at best a nuisance and at worst, vandalism, as it’s a cost to our business – in putting it to rights again – which it will be, by tomorrow morning.

While we appreciate knowing about this, we’d rather not give oxygen to, or encourage the defacing of our post and meter boxes….

Sorry all.



The Q47 writes:

Here’s what they’re REALLY wearing in work this summer… This came as part of an email from Lidl this morning…

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In fairness.