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This afternoon.

There’s nothing left to carve.

Pumpkin farmer Tom (aka broadsheet social media manager Dylan] of ‘Alright Pumpkin’ in Meath writes:.

We have sold out of all our pumpkins. The crop was good but demand was about four times greater then last year. Crazy stuff last weekend.  We tell people we’re sold out. they keep coming anyway to run into the corn maze…

In pumpkin news generally, UK crops are down 40% – 50%, Irish crops are not doing that much better.Pumpkins need plenty of warmth and water during the spring but when the fruit, yes fruit, is set and skinning up they need dry and hot weather, something that was in short supply this year. Supermarkets are not engaging in their typical predatory pricing this year, promising cheap pumpkins but expensive sweets, because supplies are short.


Alright Pumpkins (Facebook)



Just some of the pumpkin fans this afternoon at South Studios, New Row South, Dublin 8  where Alright Pumpkins brought up hundreds of ‘kins from Navan for your Halloween pleasure.

The winner of our competition to win their own body weight in pumpkins was

LouieLovesPumpkins: I demand my body weight in pumpkins for the following reason: I haven’t been able to get a pumpkin anywhere in Dublin and all the little trick or treaters will be lost without some scurry pumpkins to light up the path to my house. Plus I’m not too fat and I’m quite small so you won’t have to give me that many – win win.

Thanks all.

The patch is now closed but pumpkins remain bountiful at Alright Pumpkins’ farm

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