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Stanley’s Bar, Brooklyn, New York


Anon writes:

I was drinking at Old Stanley’s Bar in Brooklyn, NY, with friends when someone in my group pointed out this sign (above) that was displayed behind the bar.

A debate ensued with another Irish group who were there and I was told that this was the ‘norm’ in NY bars. I spent two Summers living in NY and never saw anything quite like it.

I’d like to hear other Irish people’s opinion on this.

(btw this was not an Irish bar)



Cornelia – the first video by Dublin indie 3-piece Half Of Me, filmed in Brooklyn.

Debut EP released May 22 and officially launched at a late gig in The Button Factory (June 6, 9pm, admission €5)

EP available to pre-order here.

(Thanks Luke Nelson)


Despite the helpful resource offered by the Rat Information Portal, New Yorkers are not as inured to the scaly-tailed menace as you’d think.

Here, the passengers on a Brooklyn bound subway train freak out as a rogue rodent zips up and down the carriage under their feet.



Conor McBride writes:

I spotted these NY plates in Brooklyn last night. I tried getting their attention but was too late. Would love to buy my fellow Kerry brethren a beer if I could track them down.