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Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Broin tweetz:

Just 18% of 2019 Traveller accommodation budget spent to date

19 Councils have spent nothing to date

5 didnt request an allocation for 2019

And we wonder why families are on illegal sites or tragedies like Carrickmines happen???

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What if you were Minister for Finance with €1 billion to play with?

Spend it all on booze, yokes and fags?

Or waste it?

Finian Murphy writes:

In 2017, the Government plan to spend an additional €1 billion on public services or reducing taxes. From health to education and pensions to transport, we all rely on taxes to pay for services – but what do you think the right mix is

…Our (Ignite Research) online tool allows tens of thousands of people tell us how they would like the Government to spend our money. [click at link below]

The People’s Budget



Then Rena Donaghey took herself away.

Donegal County Council’s budget has been passed this evening after the deciding vote fell to martyr Mayor Ian McGarvey. Tied at 14/14, Councillor Rena Donaghey left the meeting without casting her vote leaving it to McGarvey to adopt the County Council’s budget.

Since she’s gone, they can do whatever they want.

Listen here

Highland Radio

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After a marathon meeting that took place over three days and three nights, with a total of 21 adjournments, a vote was finally held just after midnight last night.”

“The budget was voted down by 15 votes to 12 as Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein and Independent Cllr John Campbell voted against. At this stage everyone present in the chamber believed that was the end of the body.”

“But Cllrs where then made aware by the County Secretary 15 minutes later that in the event of the budget being rejected, then Cllrs can meet again at a later date to try and pass the budget.”

Audio update – Donegal County Council still intact as budget meeting adjourns (Highland Radio)

Cornerstone-no-text1-1024x436Dublin-based filmmaking/screen-acting/training resource house The Factory, supported by the Irish Film Board, has just announced Cornerstones – a new micro-budget funding initiative whatsit.

Five successful applicant teams will EACH get €5,000, loan of equipment, access to facilities, mentoring and a screening of the completed film before an invited audience of film industry types.

Apply here (for €50).

(Thanks Muireann)

Donn Donnelly2

During Leaders’ Questions this morning Independent TD Stephen Donnelly took issue with the cut in Jobseeker’s Allowance for under 25-year-olds, from €144 to €100, while 25-year-olds will get €144 instead of €188.

Stephen Donnelly: “Taoiseach, with respect, there’s only one group of people here today and yesterday who are insulting the motivation of young people and that is the group of people you were saying you need to cut their social protection to get them to work. Because that is the logic that is being used. Minister Howlin came in here yesterday and said, I quote: ‘I am pleased to announce no reduction in the basic rates of social welfare for the people of working age’. He then announced a reduction in the rates of basic social welfare rates for people under 26. Are people under 26 not of working age? I’m confused. And then the Tánaiste on national radio this morning added insult to injury by saying ‘it’s not a cut’. In double speak, worthy of George Orwell, he explained it wasn’t a cut, the Government was simply ‘extending the lower rate to these people’. Extraordinary stuff. Here’s what Aideen Carbery, the chairperson of Labour Youth said about it: ‘It’s fundamentally unfair. It is our opinion that it will cause people to emigrate. We watched on with a sense of sadness and concern I don’t think that the problem with the unemployment crisis in this country is training. The issue is that there are not enough jobs.’ Labour Youth. Most of our young, unemployed are graduates. They are highly-educated and taking low-paid work to make ends meet. Taoiseach, this cut, not only displays a complete misunderstanding of the unemployment challenge faced by our youth. It’s not just bad economics, it’s discriminatory. This, to me, and I mean this most sincerely, this is an issue of human rights. You would not, and none of us would, I hope,  come in here and say ‘we are cutting basic social protections to non-whites, to women, to Muslims but that’s exactly what you’ve done. You’ve targeted a group of people based on age. So, Taoiseach, my question to you is this:  Do you accept that this cut discriminates based on age? Do you accept that that is not how we should do business in this country? Do you accept that these people are equal citizens in our country? And will you ask Minister Burton to remove this from the Social Protection Bill before it comes before this House? Thank you.”

Watch here

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Want to see how the this year’s budget hits your pocket as it unfolds?

Well Karl will be live updating his tax calculator for us, available here. It’ll show you a comparison between your current pay and what’ll be in 2014.

It’s all powered by the same technology Karl uses for TaxCalc.ie and his iPhone app.

To ease the pain a little bit, here’s 10 free copies of Karl’s iPhone app:

Update: And they’re all gone. We’ll have a few more later.
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