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Harry Burton and his nomination (top) for Political Cartoon of the Year

Cartoonist Harry Burton, whose work appears in The Times Ireland edition, has been shortlisted for ‘Political Cartoon of the Year’ presented annually by the UK’s Political Cartoon Society for his Eight Amendment voting day offering.

He faces pencil stiff competition from some of Britain’s top cartoonists.

You can vote for Harry here.

Harry Burton

The Times ireland Edition


Harry’s cartoon in the Times Ireland edition this morning.

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pic00 pic02

A promo for CupHead – a new side scroller from Studio MDHR (for PC and XBox One). To wit:

Inspired by cartoons of the 1930’s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional cel animation (hand drawn & hand inked!), watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings

MORE: Cuphead Vs Warren Spector (Games Industry)



From the unfortunately named but otherwise productivity-sappingly excellent Tumblr Jim’ll Paint It wherein folk request the cartoon depiction of bizarre imaginary scenes and jim obliges.

Above: ‘Tony the Tiger is dead’; ‘Alan Davies, pickled onion impersonator’; ‘ Tragic Roundabout’; ‘Madonna drying out cigarette ends under a hand drier in the ladies toilets in Wetherspoons’ and ‘ Morrissey Ruins Christmas’.

Dreaming of Freedom’ by Mohammad Saba’eneh.

From the Cartoon Movement:

One of our Palestian cartoonists, Mohammad Saba’aneh, was arrested by Israeli authorities on Saturday, for reasons as of yet unknown. Mohammed was detained at a border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank when returning from back home after attending a conference for the Arab American University (AAU), where he works in the public relations department, in Amman.

. Tomorrow Mohammad is due to appear in court, and in the meantime, no one is allowed to visit him, including his lawyer.

He was arrested in Jericho and sent to ALJAFLA military base near Jenin City, where he was held for 12 hours with no information at all. Under the law of secret information the Israeli court can expand his detention another 16 days ‘for more investigation’. After that period, it can be expanded with another 16 days, and then it becomes a period of 6 months, which can be extended without the need to have any clear accusation.


Mohammad Saba’aneh Arrested (Cartoon Movement)

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CARTOONS SHOWING the dry, quirky humour of painter Jack B Yeats will go on public display for the first time on Saturday.

The 56 illustrations by the Irish artist are part of 500 published in British satirical magazine Punch under his pseudonym, W Bird, between 1910 and 1948.

Pft. He’s no Martyn Turner.

Satire about social class, professions, everyday life and political commentary are among the subjects tackled by Yeats, co-curator (at the National Gallery of Ireland) Donal Maguire said. Many of the illustrations “don’t fit with the current humour and are very much of their time”, he added.

Oh wait now.

Jack B Yeats cartoons to go on show for first time (Genevieve Carberry, Irish Times)

Image: Irish Comics Wiki