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Line By Line Posters – film stills and portraits painstakingly picked out, pointillist style, in the positive and negative space of hand-written music lyrics and movie dialogue related to the subject by artist Mike Matola.

Each piece requires up to 80 hours work. My Neighbour Totoro (in blue, above) – featuring the entire movie script written out in Japanese – took six months to complete.


seetryintae001 yedontseethat norrabadmorninriiiightmate001altakeanymail004The Folk Ye Bump Intae is a blog project by Scottish artist Stuart Murray who sketches the people he meets in Glasgow (and what they say, just as they said it).

It’s wonderful. Explore.


From the latest b3ta photoshop challenge: Misunderstood Dialogue.

See what they’ve done there?

Above: the work of b3tans The Great Architect, The Hedgehog From Hell, blyerkit, Snappyuk, scruffygit and BubaMan.