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A compilation of clips by Frank Vaccarriello from the long running Korean war medical sitcom addressing various health and safety measures relevant to the current global campaign. Sez he:

I have sincerely believed for a long time that whatever issue life puts in front of us M*A*S*H had a solution. I had some pent up creative energy today, so I did this while you were all cleaning your closets and such.




What you may need to know

1. No decent movie trailers at the moment. It’s all about the telly these days.

2. Andy Samberg is a former Saturday Night Live star, and one third of The Lonely Island.

3. His greatest contribution to modern popular culture? Dick In A Box. No, wait. Jizz In My Pants.

4. Samberg’s movie career hasn’t really panned out (that said, we do love 2007’s Hot Rod), so he’s gone and got himself a sitcom.

5. He had his own BBC sitcom last year, called Cuckoo. It was HORRIBLE.

6. @ 56: Terry Crews in the house. We love Terry Crews.

7. So… Waddaya think?

Release Date: Autumn



What you may need to know.

1. He’s BACK! Marty McFly in the hizzouse!

2. As generational icons go, Michael J. Fox IS the 1980s.

3. Family Ties – now there was a sitcom. We met Skippy once. The years hadn’t been kind.

4. MJF stepped back from acting after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, popping up for scene-stealing bits on everything from Rescue Me and Scrubs to Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Good Wife.

5. Now he’s returning to primetime as, well, a dude with Parkinson’s.

6. Prognosis: we’re always up for some good, old-school sitcom hilarity.

7. While we’re at it: has anyone watch Arrested Development season 4 yet?

Oh dear

Release Date: Autumn (US)