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A moving short by Alex Widdowson using a range of animation styles to tell an unflinching story of what life is like for someone with a profound learning disability: in this case, his brother, Jamie – born with Down Syndrome and a passion for music and clowns.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air – witty and utterly devoid of self pity.



“There will be some subtitles, but don’t turn off. This is our story. We really appreciate you giving us your time. This is our story, our need to be loved.”

Galway actor Kieran Coppinger, 33, above, appeals for people to watch a new RTÉ documentary called Somebody To Love, about sexuality and disability,  RTÉ One, on Monday, at 9.35pm.

Thanks Tara O’Brien


A heartwarming video by Zurich disability advocacy group Pro Infirmis for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities showing the construction of scoliotic and limbless mannequins, which were displayed in department store windows on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse on International Day of Persons with Disabilities this Tuesday to raise awareness and acceptance.



A man with one leg was accused of being a benefit cheat – because officials had examined the wrong limb. Former lorry driver Robert Punter, 63, was hauled before court and accused of falsely claiming benefits despite having his left leg amputated in January. The confusion over his benefit claims was because he also later suffered a serious toe injury to his right foot.

Mr Punter, from Newton Abbot, Devon, made a full recovery from the toe injury but the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) mistakenly believed he was claiming benefits for it. After worrying about his appearance at Exeter crown court for months, the case was thrown out in less than five minutes after Emily Pitts offered no evidence on behalf of the DWP.

One-legged man accused of benefit fraud – because officials read report on his healthy limb (Metro.co.uk)

Pic: Irving

DISABILITY ALLOWANCE payments to under-18s will be ended in the budget if the Government adopts a proposal from the expert group that recommended reducing the rate of child benefit.

The Coalition was forced into a U-turn after last December’s budget when its plan to stop the practice of paying disability allowance directly to 16- and 17-year-olds met strong opposition from the parents of severely disabled children and Opposition parties.

The contentious proposal to increase the minimum qualifying age for the allowance from 16 to 18, while providing a compensatory payment for the teenager’s parent or guardian, is back on the agenda as Budget 2013 approaches.

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has said the EU-European Central Bank-International Monetary Fund troika has raised concerns about social welfare payments going straight to under-18s and said she was worried about young people losing the incentive to stay in education.

A u-turn on an earlier u-turn.

It’ll be as if nothing had ever happened.

Dail protest in 3…2…

Advisers tell Burton to axe disability allowance for under-18s (Mary Minihan, Irish Times)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)