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Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Earlier today.

During Leaders’ Questions.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was asked about former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Seán Fitzpatrick being acquitted of furnishing false information to Anglo’s auditors.

The acquittal followed solicitor with the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) Kevin O’Connell admitting that he had destroyed documents relevant to the criminal proceedings against Mr FitzPatrick, among other matters.

During Leaders’ Questions, Mr Kenny said:

“The ODCE is a statutory independent body. Its mother Department, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, has no responsibility or power of enforcement. The ODCE takes its own legal advice. There were gardaí attached to the ODCE in the beginning but they were not involved in the way this case was taken. The judge did point out that the most fundamental error was the way in which they went about taking evidence from the auditors of Anglo Irish Bank, who were both from the firm of accountants involved.

He said that it was intended that their statements would be taken in the normal way by members of the Garda Síochána who were then attached to the ODCE. Instead, however, the statements were obtained through solicitors from a legal firm.

The ODCE pointed out that it has now undergone substantial organisational change and that it was simply not equipped to undertake parallel investigations on the scale involved. I want to say this: I have not spent the past six years as head of Government and making very difficult decisions only to hear again now the allegation in respect of white-collar crime that people can walk away, that nobody is guilty and that nothing is being done about it.

“Let us, as a Parliament, decide what we must do with an organisation like the ODCE. I can confirm that when the Minister for Education and Skills, Deputy Bruton, had responsibility for jobs, requests by the ODCE to his then Department for resources were granted. Now I find that the ODCE says it was simply not equipped to take parallel investigations on the scale involved.

I can confirm that the Minister has asked the Director of Corporate Enforcement for a full report, including on the role of all professionals involved in this case. That report will cover the issues involved since 2008 when this case commenced – almost ten years ago. Nothing is ruled out.

“When Deputy Catherine Murphy had her full group, she put forward a proposition for a statutory standing body in the Dáil to deal with matters of corruption and so on.”

“The Minister will bring this before Government in due course. The Government will consider it next week, but I want the Minister to carry out an absolute review of what happened. It is not good enough.”


Transcript via Oireachtas.ie

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Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny will receive a lump sum payment of €378,000 and an annual pension of €126,000 The figures would bring the outgoing Taoiseach’s pension pot to over €2m.


On the issue of pensions, we must acknowledge that the average level of public pension in this State is €23,000. By January 1, 2018, anybody earning a pension below €32,400 will see the public service pension reduction eliminated. There are no princes or princesses in our party. We are a party that represents all levels of society, those with and those without.

Public Expenditure Minister Paschal Donohoe in the Dáil last night

Good times.

Outgoing Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s €2m pension pot ‘cannot be justified at this time’ (Irish Independent)

This morning.

Dublin castle,

Taoiseach Enda Kenny carrying Lexi McKeon (7 months) and, to their left, Simon Harris (32 years), Health Minister, help  launch the Healthy Ireland Network, which aims to boost “the national movement for health and wellbeing”.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


Via Oireachtas Retort:

You and I may believe the problems facing this country are legion but we must accept that these were none of his concern.

All the ills and injustice deepened by his policies are not error or oversight but perfectly desirable features of how Enda Kenny believes the world should work.

You have to look very hard to find any measure imposed by the Troika that Fine Gael would disagree with. Every incarnation of the party dating back to independence and before has shown contempt for the vast majority of Irish people in the interest of the wealth and privilege they represent.

Rather than some so heroic fight to bring the country back from the brink, the bailout provided perfect cover to remake Ireland in their own warped image.

“The best small country in the world in which to do business” – that was the extent of his vision for Ireland. A modest ambition for a country that never had any issue in facilitating the needs of capital.

If anything, it was already too easy to do business in Ireland provided your business was finance, property or farming exports.

Kenny’s very first outing as Taoiseach was a conference of the Irish Funds Industry Association where he gave the keynote address. The main takeaway from that speech as noted on the lobby group’s website was the prime minister assuring financial services that his “door is always open”.

Not so for those at the sharp end. You needn’t have me repeat here that list in full. Soaring house prices, rents, debts and suicides. Decimated public services, deliberate rural decline, etc. Nor need we run through every twist a turn of his six year premiership because we’ve each witnessed it.

There is little point raising these facts now as he prepares to step down. Long prepared newspaper supplements and well rehearsed media punditry will do the usual routine with no one remarking that Enda Kenny leaves politics having fulfilled exactly the job he had to do. A sycophant in Europe and puppet at home was all in a days work. Housing crises, desperate lone parents and crooked cops have no baring on his record.

Commentary will instead commend him as a ‘canny operator’. He will be lauded for hanging on in spite of increasingly grotesque scandals exposing the dark heart of this country, whatever of the casualties.

Enda Kenny survived.

Just as the regime he led continues to exploit, demean and prosper for it. It may be cruel. It may be shambolic. But we cannot judge his role in it as other than a success.


Enda Kenny – The Most Successful Taoiseach Ever (OireacthasRetort)

Statement from Taoiseach Enda Kenny this afternoon announcing  his resignation ‘effective from Midnight tonight’ with a competition for his successor to  conclude by Friday, June 2



This afternoon.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny launching Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell’s report on the Irish way of death, Finite Lives.


Pics via Paudie Coiffey


A statement released by Fine Gael TD and Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar  this evening.

Via Gavan Reilly


“As leader of Fine Gael, Enda Kenny has been a towering figure in modern Irish history and will be recognised as such over the coming days, weeks, months and years. When Enda took over the leadership of our party we were broken and demoralised.

With his vision, determination, positivity and relentless work-rate, he led our party back from defeat and to sustained electoral success, culminating in victory in the 2011 General Election and a record result for our party.

I am proud to have served in Opposition and then in Government with Enda. I saw at close quarters how skilled and driven he was to succeed for our party, in Government and for our country. His record in Government since 2011 will be viewed very positively by historians, not least how he led the restoration of our economic financial independence over that period, which was a landmark event.

But it is not just these high-profile moments that I reflect on, I recall the energy and excitement of a number of elections campaigns – any day on the campaign trail with Enda was a lively one; or those early days in Government when the economy teetered on the brink and Enda’s calm and clear-headed leadership helped guide us through, or the late nights and long hours trying to construct a new coalition Government in 2016.

It has been an honour to serve with Enda Kenny for almost 20 years now and I wish him, Fionnuala, Aoibhinn, Ferdia and Naoise the very best in the future.”

A statement released by Fine Gael TD and Minister for Housing Simon Coveney this evening.


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From top: Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Toronto this morning and excerpts of a Dáil transcript from April 1, 2014

Further to the question over whether Ireland voted for Saudi Arabia to be included in the UN Commission on the State of Women…

And demands for the Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan to reveal how Ireland voted…

RTÉ reports:

A contradiction has emerged in Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s assertion that he raised the question of women’s rights during a visit to Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Mr Kenny told journalists in Canada that he had raised the issue during a trade mission.

However the Dáil record from the time shows the Taoiseach told Opposition deputies that the subject was not discussed [see above].

The Taoiseach led a trade mission to Saudi Arabia in January 2014 – a trip which led to the signing of €65m in contracts, and the creation of 95 jobs.

There you go, now.

Contradiction emerges in Kenny’s Saudi Arabia claims (RTE)

Transcript via Kildarestreet.com

Pic: Irish Embassy Canada

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.07.53 Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.11.29

This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

During Leaders’ Questions.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin raised the National Maternity Hospital with Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

From their exchange:

Micheál Martin:Can you confirm that that hospital group [St Vincent’s Hospital Group] and the Sisters of Charity will not have a majority on the board? And, above all, will you ensure that the State, the taxpayer, will own this hospital and will have its investment reflected in it? As a bottom line, given the investment it is taking?”

Enda Kenny: “Yes, I can, I can confirm that there will be complete clinical independence. I can confirm that the Sisters of Charity will not have majority of the board and, in relation of ownership, this is a matter that requires some, some consideration…”

Watch live here

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This afternoon.

Some online feedback on Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s performance during Leader’s Questions concerning the fate of Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan.

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