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Rain – a bronze statue by Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk featuring a man with a gigantic glass raindrop perched on his upturned face, like a lens or maybe a crystal ball. The artist sez of it:

The raindrop is a symbol of the dialogue which connects a man with a whole diversity of life forms. The figure has a loose and porous structure and relates to dry land, which absorbs water. In this work I play with scale, making a raindrop large enough to compare a man with an insect, considering that man is a part of nature. Moreover, this work concerns the question of interaction and difficulties in coexistence of man with environment.


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STREETREE – an ‘innovative ‘Smart City’ policy app’ by Dublin City Council, Workday Ireland and Motti Ruimy and Paul Kearns of Redrawing Project.

A bringing together of all manner of publicly available societal/environmental indicators to better identifiy where new city trees should be planted.

Bough for yiz.

(Thanks Motti)