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This afternoon.

At a house in Clonmore, Ardee, Co Louth.

The body of a woman has been found.

Investigation under way after woman’s body found in Ardee, Co Louth (RTE)




A bizarre CGI short by Christoph Krenn (with sound by Matthias Urban) featuring the disconcerting interactions of conjoined body parts.

Contains naked CGI torsos but that should be the least of your concerns here.


Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 01.55.15

Bodypainter and makeup artist Georgina Ryland paints a scene from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone onto her own décolletage. As you do.

Spellbinding, in fairness.


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A feature on the making of Dom&Nic’s extraordinary Ex Machina inspired video for ‘Wide Open’ by The Chemical Brothers, brought to life by The Mill.


(H/T: Oisín)

fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-01fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-08fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-06 fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-05fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-04fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-07fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-10 fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-09fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-03

fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-02Details from Intimate Vestiges by Australian artist Fiona Roberts,  blending traditional decor with elements of the human body. To wit:

a hair chair with ceramic mouths, a shag pile rug made up of thousands of ceramic fingers and a dark window, concealed by curtains that look back at the visitor are installed throughout the faux-bedroom. these conventional items of the house that generally go unnoticed, become here, the focus of the viewer’s attention, drawing them in to a personal narrative about everyday routines, memories, accidents, habits, and fear.

Currently on show at Kickarts Contemporary Arts in Cairns, if you’re passing.