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This afternoon.

At a house in Clonmore, Ardee, Co Louth.

The body of a woman has been found.

Investigation under way after woman’s body found in Ardee, Co Louth (RTE)




fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-01fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-08fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-06 fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-05fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-04fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-07fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-10 fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-09fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-03

fiona-roberts-intimate-vestiges-designboom-02Details from Intimate Vestiges by Australian artist Fiona Roberts,  blending traditional decor with elements of the human body. To wit:

a hair chair with ceramic mouths, a shag pile rug made up of thousands of ceramic fingers and a dark window, concealed by curtains that look back at the visitor are installed throughout the faux-bedroom. these conventional items of the house that generally go unnoticed, become here, the focus of the viewer’s attention, drawing them in to a personal narrative about everyday routines, memories, accidents, habits, and fear.

Currently on show at Kickarts Contemporary Arts in Cairns, if you’re passing.