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With precious little to work with beyond the coquettish cutaways of The Force Awakens teaser trailer and the new-look light saber (now with bonus cross-guard), fan boys and girls of the Internets have already started work on an impressive new wing of the already sprawling Musée De Fan Art Star Wars.


(H/T: Nick Moran)

Simpsons pictures that I gone and done by Facebooker, Chris (Simpsons Artist) is a hilarious collection of shitty-on-purpose Simpsons illustrations, complete with spelling mistakes, misquoted catchphrases and unhinged how-to-draw guides.

If you’re any class of a Simpsons fan, you’ll be snorting neat Squishee out of your nose almost immediately.

(Thanks Ri)

Awful Fan Art, from the same family of sites that came up with Damn You Autocorrect.

Come for the art. Stay for the headlines. Our favourite: ‘David Schwimmer Minus A Few Chromosomes’

In fairness, the one of Elton John is an improvement.

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Or, if you’d prefer something closer to home.