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The intricate pencilings of JaeCheol Park (aka ‘PaperBlue’) – done in the style of architectural drawings but given fantastical free reign to merge and blur into dreamlike urban environments.

The artist, based in Seongnam, South Korea offers YouTube tutorials here.


Or, ‘Short But Sweet’: a frenetic and hilarious animation by Netherlands-based studio KLOMP! that manages to pack in every cliché of the fantasy movie genre, while still rescuing the princess in record time.

If your Dutch is any less than fluent, keep captioning on.


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Intricately detailed pen and ink cityscapes by artist Ben Sack (previously).

The fantasy metropolises were inspired by a four month circumnavigation of the globe as artist in residence aboard the M/S Amsterdam.

You can watch a timelapse video of the creation of his latest work ‘Chronoglyph’ here.


princehenry catherinepace motherjones howitzer roeblingyves
Black and white photographs from the US Library Of Congress Archive deftly transformed into wonderfully creepy gifs by designer Kevin Weir