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A selection of winners from the 2020 Close Up Photographer Of The Year. 

Above: a multi-hued glass worm by Andrei Savitsky; fruiting bodies of the slime mold Metatrichia floriformis growing on a decaying beech trunk by Bary Webb; a bioluminescent Lamprigera beetle in the Borneo rainforest by Chien Lee; a spider at Turjanos nature conservation area, Kisőrös, Hungary by Csaba Daroczi; an eel larva off the island of Lembeh (Indonesia) during a blackwater dive by Galice Hoarau (the overall winner);  a great crested tit in a wood in Switzerland by Giacomo Redaelli; a butterfly on the wall of an abandoned building site in Yorkshire by Mike Curry and a springtail on an icy lake at Csongrád-Bokros, Hungary by Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz (young photographer of the year).

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