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Minnesotans engaging in the winter pastime of ‘icebergin’ – to wit, pickaxing and stomping on a frozen pond until the ice breaks, then running around on the pieces.

It’s well for some.



This morning.

The Devil’s Chimney,  Tormore, County Sligo

Annie West writes:

Well it’s SORT OF like Ireland. If you squint your eyes and look the other way)

The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland, edited by Aidan Coughlan (New Island)

A recent aerial shot (bottom) of the 12.9km long Confederation Bridge (top) linking Prince Edward Island to mainland New Brunswick in Canada showing surface ice in the frozen strait neatly sliced into rectangles by its evenly spaced piers. To wit:

To put the rectangles into perspective, the bridge piers that are designed to break up the ice floes are 250 meters apart. That distance would also represent the width of each of the rectangles. The length of the blocks varies but, on average, the length is about 75 per cent greater than the width.

(Photo: Paul Tymstra)


Waves off the Nantucket Coast of Massachusetts, which experienced a  -11°C cold snap this week, rendered into a slush of rolling ice (and a sluggish break for surfer Jamie Briard) snapped by Jonathan Nimerfroh.