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A rather pleasing paint-on-glass animation written and directed by Carol Freeman, comprised of 4,300 paintings created by a team of mainly female artists at Paper Panther Productions in Dublin. To wit:

…the story of a young whale, struggling to find its voice, who finds a caged bird that is the sole survivor of a shipwreck

And here’s how they made it.


butts butts2

Animator Tyler Hurd sez:

BUTTS is a profound 3D animated cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lending a hand to those in need. Perhaps the most important film of the decade, ‘BUTTS’ is a reminder that no matter how strange something may seem, people can still make a difference in their own unique and beautiful way.” I worked on this on and off in my spare time over the past 18 months. I handled everything visual, and I had help with sound. It’s my most profound and stupid work to date.

You may or may not be reminded of this little beauty.


junkyard junkyard2

A festival favourite since 2012 and the Dutch entry for Best Animated Oscar Short in 2013, Hisko Hulsing’s powerful multi award-winning tale of adolescent friendship and life decisions will tend to change your mood somewhat.

2D and 3D animation on backgrounds rendered with oil on canvas.

Fullscreen viewing with volume up highly recommended

Directors Notes