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EURO MOMO detects and measure ‘excess deaths related to seasonal influenza, pandemics and other public health threats’

Anon writes:

Could you ask one of your mathematics competent regulars to look at this?

I was looking at the EURO MOMO site this morning and checked the Irish situation.

EURO MOMO uses the Z-scale to monitor excess mortality throughout Europe. Z numbers are a statistical method based on the expected mortality rate for each week of the year.

A Z score of 2 for the country ( which equals 2 x the Standard Deviation of the base line ) is considered to start moving above the expected.

I was shocked to see that Ireland has not had, and has never has had, a problem with covid-19. In fact the Z score for week 19 in Ireland is negative, which means Ireland had less deaths than expected for that week.

Ireland’s peak weekly total at 492 in week 17 has a Z-score of -1.76. Definitely not a problem.

Look at “Map of z-scores by country” and use the timeline slider to look at week 15 onwards and then at “Z-scores by country” to see the Z numbers graph.

Compare with England, Belgium, Italy, France and Spain….



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