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Designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe and overlooking the Pacific ocean at Puntarenas in Costa Rica, the ‘Casa Flotanta’ is a steel framed wooden house on a steep gradient designed to capture a magnificent vista with minimum impact on the wildlife and vegitation.

Unlike neighbouring homes which are cut into the hillside with retaining walls, the lightweight, modular casa flotanta sits above it on stilts.


[vimeo 12112625 w=640&h=480]


Wait for the night shot, and the final sequence.

French designer Oscar Lhermitte sez:

Instead of making a normal movie, I am trying to get a colour gradient of what the camera is shooting. There is no post production involved, the effect is achieved by connecting the lens of the camera to a drilling machine. The video is taking 15 frames per second, whereas the drill is spinning at more than 20 turn per second.