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NASA has just released a huge scrollable, zoomable panorama of the Martian surface assembled from footage shot by the Opportunity Rover (Curiosity‘s less advanced predecessor) on the rim of the Endeavour crater between December 2011 and May 2012.

Go and look around.

It’s very impressive.


A mere taste of B3ta’s current image challenge: Safety Posters.

Above (clockwise from top left): the work of B3tards Captain Howdy, Dbroon, Bela Lugosi’s Dad and Hedgehog From Hell.

MORE: B3ta Image Challenge (NSFW) 

The Pixelator is a web based graphics tool that allows you to upload the url of any image and pixelate it in almost any way (and to almost any extent) you wish.

Get your Pixel on here.

Above: PixelDavidBegg (it’s alright, he felt nothing)