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A recent compilation from kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen showcasing the latest iterations of his extraordinary wind and solar-powered beach walkers. One day, the creator has expressed his wish:

…to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.


Previously: Animaris Mulus



New York based artist Danny Rozin makes interactive art in the literal sense.

Some of his best known works are actuated ‘mirror sculptures’ which track the silhouettes of viewers via video sensors, translating them into real time kinetic reflections.

Above: Weave Mirror (2007), Angles Mirror 2013), Trash Mirror No. 3 (2011) and Fan Mirror (2013)



A seriously slick kinetic typeography video by graphic artist and web-developer Jarrett Heather – adding a whole other layer to the Jonathan Coulton choon, Shop Vac.

You’ll recall that Ceelo Green did this back in August. And then he did it again last month.