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They want everyone married.

Robert Wright writes:

“This is a video that a group of friends [Aisling Gill, Cassie Delaney and Sorcha Crilly] and myself have made about Marriage Equality. The video is called “Our Equal Marriage” and centres around the question “What does Equal Marriage mean to you?” The main aim of the video is to show that equal marriage will not only be a positive step for the LGBT community but will positively affect our heterosexual families and friends as they want us to be happy and to enjoy the same rights as they do.”


The decision published today of the ‘compliance committee’ of the  Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholding a complaint about a RTÉ Radio 1 Derek Mooney Show item last  January discussing the latest Civil Partnership figures with RTÉ’s Michael Murphy and Tiernan Brady of GLEN, the Gay and Lesbian Equality network.

GLEN Chairman Kieran Rose asks:

Can lesbian and gay people not now talk about their lives and their aspirations as Irish citizens on the airwaves, or about their experiences of love and commitment without somebody opposing them?
Today’s ruling by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland raises worrying concerns about the nature of debate and discussion on issues of current affairs across the airwaves in Ireland.
The ruling has implications for all issues that are topics under public discussion, not just lesbian and gay issues.
Does it now mean contributors to a broadcast programme may not now talk about possible future constitutional change on any issue, unless the programme segment has opposing views? We would have serious concerns that this ruling would restrict open debate on issues that directly impact lesbian and gay people in Ireland”


GLEN hits out at broadcasting ruling on ‘balance’ issue in same-sex marriage discussion (BreakingNews.ie)

BAI Decisions here


Liam Geraghty writes:

“Disgusted to see this ‘Promoted’ tweet appearing on my Twitter feed yesterday. The link goes to a website which encourages reparative (conversion) therapy (gay to straight). Only last month the Supreme Court in the States turned away a legal challenge on California’s ban on gay ‘conversion therapy’, [see below] leaving the ban in place, deeming this kind of therapy to have no scientific merit….”

California Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Stands (Time)


You never forget your first same sex ‘pash’.

In fairness.

Kate Dolan (top) writes:

“Hello! To celebrate the recent launch of our short film’s IndieGoGo campaign we have made a short promo video. We interviewed a few LGBT about their first crushes, as we are making a film, ‘Little Doll’ that captures the struggle of a young girl who’s first crush is on an older girl. The video comes just in time for Dublin Pride tomorrow and we’d really appreciate a share. Thanks a million…”

‘Little Doll’ funding (Indiegogo)