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Top: The Luas homepage this morning; a threat which appeared on the homepage earlier today; and tweets from the Luas account

RTE reports:

The website of Dublin’s tram service is offline with a message claiming it has been hacked.

Users trying to access luas.ie are seeing a message which threatens to “publish all data and send emails to your users” unless “1 bitcoin” is paid in five days.

One bitcoin is currently valued at €3,385.

Luas said on Twitter that it has technicians working on the issue and travel updates will be made on its Twitter account.


Luas website offline after being compromised; message threatens release of data (RTE)

A test tram passes the Red Cow Inn in August 2004


Tree down on Green Luas line yesterday


Travel Updates (Luas)

Pic: Luas

One of the new 55m Luas trams on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin last week

Justin McCarthy, of RTE, reports:

The Dáil has been told that passengers taking the new Luas Cross City line at rush hour would be “quicker walking” because of congestion in Dublin city centre.

The claim was made by Fianna Fáil’s transport spokesman Robert Troy.

He said he took the Cross City line from Dawson Street to O’Connell Street this morning “in order to experience for myself the length of time”.

“It took 20 minutes, I would have been quicker walking,” he said.

“Coming back I took a taxi in order to be here for Question Time. [It took] 25 minutes.

Passengers are ‘quicker walking’ than taking new Luas line, Dáil hears (RTE)

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One Job

This morning.

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1

On the second day of its operation, Tram No 5027 failed to clear O’Connell Bridge northbound with the rear of the carriages jutting out and blocking traffic on the South Quays.

The tram, which has two extra carriages compared to existing trams, was itself blocked beforehand by a taxi parked in a yellow box.

…City traffic planners had warned that the new large Luas cannot stop on O’Connell Bridge without blocking traffic.

This was one of the reasons put forward for traffic restrictions on Bachelor’s Walk on the North Quays.

…Luas operator Transdev is currently operating just one 55m tram each day, but there will be seven in service by April.

Good times.

Longer Luas blocks traffic on Dublin’s South Quays (John Kilraine, RTÉ)

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