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A 751-piece monochromatic tribute to the 1928 cartoon that introduced the world to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  

The set features hidden wheels, moving steam pipes and crane, rotating paddle wheels, special Mickey and Minnie monochrome minifigs, Mickey’s parrot, Minnie’s guitar and music sheet, and a “potato bin”.

€90 from LEGO.


Do not think that you can unsee it. For you can not.

Elderly Mickey made using latex, acrylic paint (with a few Photoshopped ‘tweaks’) by artist Darick Maasen, who sez:

Mickey was ‘born’ 83 years ago (November 18, 1928), and I wanted to explore how he may have aged. BIG thanks to Kosart Effects Studios where I recently took a mask-making class unlocking a whole new set of possibilities for my art.

Photoset of the construction process here.



The rather sumptuous opening cinematic from the new Epic Mickey video game, due for release late November.

They’ve only gone and rebooted Mickey’s image, is all. Not so much Epic Mickey as Pesky-Vandal-Bastard Mickey. We like him already.