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RTÉ’s Joe Duffy

This afternoon.

On RTÉ’s Liveline.

Irish nurse Carol, who studied in Edinburgh, Scotland and is not registered with the Irish nursing body, told show host Joe Duffy that she is returning to Ireland to work but she has to pay €350 and wait 90 days before she will be able to work in an Irish hospital.

She told Mr Duffy and his listeners that she has been working in respiratory and emergency department nursing for the past four years.

Carol added:

“Part of the form I’m going to be filling out now is proof from the university in Scotland that my course was taught through English…I wish I was joking.”


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We’re a day or two late for this, but yes, happy 24th birthday to Therapy?’s Nurse, one of the classics of the contemporary Irish music canon. It saw EU release on October 17th, ’92.

Producing singles Teethgrinder and Nausea, the album’s success set the stage for follow-up Troublegum to sell 750,000 copies two years later, and saw them depart from a barebones noise/punk squall for a more industrial direction.

They’re still at it.