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alexandresoccipedroolivakayak3 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak4 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak5 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak7 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak8 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak12 alexandresoccipedroolivakayak15Extreme sports photographer Alexandre Socci pro-kayaker Pedro Oliva and his team  take to the turbulent, lava-heated waters around Kilauea – an active volcano on the southeast slope of Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

Socci sez:

“As a water photographer myself I was trying to get into the water but it was impossible, the water was about 90 degrees Celsius and there were lots of lava particles floating that could burn anything in seconds… even the kayaks came out of the water with some ‘scars’ from the floating lava!!!”


Photographed by Magnus Lundgren

A team led by Luke Rendell at the University of St Andrew’s, UK, were monitoring calls and behaviour in sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) off the northern Chile coast when they accidentally drifted into the middle of a pod of whales hanging vertically in the water, their noses poking out of the surface. At least two of the whales were facing the boat, but not a single animal responded.

“It was actually pretty scary. The boat had drifted into the group with its engine off [while] I was below decks making acoustic recordings,” says Rendell. “Once I saw the situation I decided the best thing to do was to try and sail our way out of the group rather than turn the engine on and have them all react.”

Researchers Sneak Up On Sleeping Whales (Nature)


The Ocean bar, Charlotte Quay Dock, Dublin, within the last hour.

Anchor tenant of The Millenium Tower, a Zoe development (ie, piss poor), Ocean was opened by Conrad Gallagher in 1999 and (after changing hands) went into examinership in 2008 with debts of €2 million. struggled since the bust but now (metaphor alert)…it’s BACK.

Thanks Sean Bryceland