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Redditor and colorisation expert thehatersalad responds to a request from fellow Redditor f2ISO100 to fix a damaged picture of her 83 year-old grandmother – not only restoring and colourising the 60 year old photo, but also documenting the entire two and a half hour process in timelapse (deeply satisfying if you’re any class of a neat-freak.)


‘I don’t know what kind of emotion you hope to elicit with these,’ wrote a clearly stunned f2ISO100 on receipt of the restored photo, ‘but you made me catch my breath. I feel — for the first time — like I got to see her, back in time. This is so, so beautiful. Thank you so much!”


small_teacher wears same outfit for 40 years
Teacher Dale Irby from Dallas has worn the same shirt and brown geansaí in yearbook photos for all 40 years of his career. What started by accident became a running joke. A very long running joke.

A sports teacher, Irby usually wore athletic clothes suitable for exercise. He picked the vest and shirt combination in order to look presentable for his first yearbook photo in 1973 and accidentally repeated the outfit the following year. “I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realised I had worn the very same thing as the first year,” he told the Dallas Morning News. Irby’s wife, Cathy dared him to repeat the outfit for a third year. In the spirit of one-upmanship Irby continued the joke for a further five years, after which he thought “why stop?”

Exactly the sort of can-do attitude the modern internetz need.


jobsdernsqdamsaraNY-based artist Bradley Hart painstakingly injects acrylic paint into bubble-wrap bubbles to create ‘pixellated photorealistic’ pictures. In his artist’s statement, he sez:

The pictures are copies of both snap shots of important people captured by me or given to me and maintained as a part of my own personal photograph collection, as well as powerful images obtained from other sources. […] As the paint is injected into a bubble the excess drips down the back of the piece. Upon completion of the injected work, the drippings are removed surgically from the backside of the plastic to reveal an impression of the work — a derivative work with its own meaning and story.

(Above: Steve Jobs, Dam Square in Amsterdam and Sara, a friend of the artist.)

Currently exhibiting at Gallery Nine5 in New York.