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Don’t buy ready-made in Dublin.

Transform a dilapidated gaff.

Photos of Dublin writes:

Anyone on Instagram that’s interested in buying, investing or even just looking at old houses for sale in Dublin that have great potential then check out this new Insta account linked below…

Houses to Restore Dublin (Instagram)

Behold: the 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL Coupe – effectively a homologation special version of the E9, stripped of all excess weight to enhance speed.

One of only 500 right hand drive models (out of a total of 1265 built) and dating to the first year of production, this 45 year old, Concours restoration in Tiaga green might even be the finest surviving example.

Yours for €205,500.


Behold: the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV SUV – big brother to the classic 1964  J40 Land Cruiser, only 5000 were ever made and this one has been fully restored and upgraded by US Land Cruiser specialists The FJ Company.

Leaving the chassis and body intact, the 4-door truck (commissioned by a private owner) has a new leather interior, modern electronics and a 4.0l V6 engine.


The Nissan S30, aka the Datsun 240Z – a nifty two seat coupe produced between 1969 and 1978, was one of the best selling sports cars ever made.

UK restoration company MZR offer a basic restoration of the Classic Edition or – as above – a forty update of the Sport Design. Available as 2.8l or 3.2l straight six with modern steering, suspension, air-con and (perhaps most usefully) a comprehensive rust treatment on the body shell.

Yours from €79,000 and upward.