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Number of people on hospital trolleys in Ireland today, according to the INMO

This morning.

The Irish Nurses’ and Midwives’ Organisation announced that there are 760 people on hospital trolleys across Ireland today, referring to it as “the worst-ever figure since records began”.

In a press release, the INMO said:

“The number of patients on trolleys this morning would more than fill the largest hospital in the state, St. James (707 beds) or take more than twice the equivalent of Letterkenny University Hospital (333 beds).

“The previous worst-ever day was 12 March 2018 during the “Beast from the East”, when 714 patients went without beds.

“University Hospital Limerick has also broken the daily record for an individual hospital, with 92 patients on trolleys. The previous highest figure was 85, also in UHL.”

Worst-ever day for trolley overcrowding since records began – INMO


Last night, RTÉ reported:

All elective surgery is to be cancelled at Cork’s two main hospitals until further notice in response to overcrowding in their emergency departments.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation said earlier that Cork University Hospital and Mercy University Hospital are operating “beyond their limits” and that they expect the situation to get worse next week.

The decision was made following a meeting between the HSE and the INMO.

Elective surgery to be cancelled at two Cork hospitals due to overcrowding (RTÉ)


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