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Barry writes:

Saw this in East Wall [Dublin 3], on Saturday. It was lit by two 13-year-old girls who got really aggressive for some reason when I was taking a photo of it. Fight the power.


Kenmare, Co Kerry this morning.

Mieke Vanmechelen writes:

“One of my cows died from eating rubbish thrown on my farm… this (below) is some of it…”




©2012_B_Rosenthal_Blue_Ocean ©2014_B_Rosenthal_MedicalStyle: "Porcelain vivid" ©2014_Barry_Rosenthal_Grid B_Rosenthal_Forks_Knives_Spoons©2011_Barry_Rosenthal_Balls ©2010_B_Rosenthal_Toy-Soldiers
New York photographer Barry Rosenthal’s Found In Nature series – a collection of objects found on the coastal area of New York Harbour, pleasingly arranged into themed collages.

Not to be confused with the equally OCD-friendly art of Ursus Wehrli, the ordered traffic videos of Cy Kuckenbaker or the colour-coded candy of Emily Brincoe.



The approach to IKEA on the RIO4 [St. Margaret’s Road], Dublin 11 filmed by Stephen Browne on March 18.

Music: Home by The Brilliant Trees

The Worst We’ve Seen And That’s Saying Something (dublinLitterBlog)

(H/T: Stephen Hennelly)