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JC Cordovez-Mantilla writes:

I’ve just had a very comfortable and pleasant trip from Dublin to Cork. I was impressed by the cleanliness and excellent service from Irish Rail.

My name displayed over my seat, a mobile trolley offering snacks and beverages and clean toilets are some of the small details that make a significant difference and leave me with an impression of a company that’s making an effort. All for €19! Bargain.

To complete my trip I am now on a bus [Éireann] from Cork to Skibereen that cost €20.80.

But I’ve had to drape my coat over the headrest because the level of filth is unacceptable. Fail. This (above right) is the seat next to mine…



98FM reports:

Dublin city could be set for a make over if plans to put up billboards which double as seats, get the go ahead. Cities in Europe already have billboards with curled up bottoms that are used for public seating.

Curled up bottoms.

Oh go on then.

Sit down…on a billboard (98FM)

Designer Alex Cornell’s helpful infographic – details of which you’ll be putting into practice sometime soon. He sez:

One of the most complex social situations you will encounter is the 45 seconds that elapse while deciding where to sit for dinner at a restaurant. Your choice should appear natural, unbiased and haphazard if executed properly. Timing is everything. These 45 seconds determine how enjoyable your next 2 hours will be. Once the pieces start to fall into place and people take their seats, your choices narrow. People sit, seemingly at random, and if you don’t take the appropriate measures, you’re inevitably stuck at the least interesting end of the table.


The executive restrooms at Broadsheet Towers are shaping up nicely with the addition of these musically-inspired toilet seats from jammin johns. They go really well with our gold toilet brush holders.