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The work includes a strong element of ‘woman and child’ social welfare as well as dealing with law-breakers, controlling traffic, driving police cars and assisting people with life’s problems.

Good prospects of promotion exist for the ambitious girl prepared to study, and if you marry you may remain in the service.

Driving police cars?

We’re all for equality…but whoa there horsey!

00067498 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pictured with Martin McAleese at Áras an Uachtaráin in 2004

Turkey’s president has declared women are unequal to men in his latest controversial comments on women’s rights.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said putting men and women on an equal footing was “against human nature”.

“They were created differently. Their nature is different. Their constitution is different,” he told a summit on women and justice in Istanbul, attended by his daughter Sumeyye.

“You cannot get women to do every kind of work men can do, as in Communist regimes.

“You cannot tell them to go out and dig the soil. This is against their delicate nature.”

“Our religion has defined a position for women (in society): motherhood,” Mr Erdogan said.

“Some people can understand this, while others can’t. You cannot explain this to feminists because they don’t not accept the concept of motherhood.

The president has previously declared that every woman in Turkey should have three children and proposed limitations on abortion rights and the morning-after pill.

In August, he criticised a female journalist, telling her she should “know her place”.

Mr President, the Iona Institute called.

They’d like their policies back.

Turkish President Says Men and Women Not Equal (Sky News)

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland


RTÉ presenter Keelin Shanley and model Darragh Hayes pictured in today’s Irish Times in a promo for the Irish Cancer Society’s Paint It Pink campaign.

Paint It Pink



Same as the old balls.

Looking “distraught and tearful” at her press conference after the match, the Danish former world number one seemed to be playing the part of the weak, spurned woman – nursing a broken heart while her ex-fiancée was hitting the form of his life.
McIlory’s subsequent golfing achievements have been well recorded, but at this year’s US Open at Flushing Meadows, Wozniacki has been showing that hell hath no fury like a top tennis player scorned.

Wozniacki shows hell hath no fury like a tennis player scorned (Brian Boyd, Irish Times)

Chris Coffey writes:

“Good to see the Irish Independent and Niamh Horan haven’t completely cornered the ludicrous reporting of womens’ sport market. I might be wrong, but I haven’t seen too many reports of Rory McIlroy’s achievements mentioning who his new ‘best friend forever’ is. There’s also this delightful typo: ‘After a double-bagel in the first round…’ Mmmm bagels…”


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