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A short by Edinburgh based animator Dan Castro about not opening up, the pressures we self-impose and the importance of being kind to ourselves. To wit:

After a lifetime of feeling fat, a young man realises that maybe his issues with his body aren’t actually about his body at all.


PillowTalk1PillowTalk5 PillowTalk4

Pillow Talk by designer Joanna Montgomery is a device that allows lovers to record their heartbeat then play it back remotely through a speaker for their loved one to feel, no matter how distant they may be. Better still, two devices can be paired so that a couple can listen to each other’s heartbeat in real time.

The concept has just made its full funding target on Kickstarter, so expect to see and hear it soon.



This is a video made by Stephen Doak, Stephen Sullivan and David Mackin who are all 4th year students in IT Sligo studying Public Health & Health Promotion.

It was made as part of a final year project with no budget and no previous experience of recording. This video was made to promote speaking out if you have problems about suicide and to also try shake off the taboo about the word suicide

(Thanks John Curry)