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Recent murals in London (corner of Brick Lane, pix 4-6) Germany and Italy by Spanish artist David de la ManoAhead of an upcoming show in London entitled ‘Adrift’ Hang Up Pictures sez of him;

In a world of those forced to flee, of poverty, of war and violence, David de la Mano paints his haunting figures as shadows looking for their place in the world. All united, they are travelling to a destination unknown. Boats with broken sails and women with animal heads drift without direction but are all linked by an uncertain journey.

More of de la Mano’s work here.


crows-1 crows-2

A photo taken from the 12th floor office of C.S.I Walter Berg of the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau last week. Trees freshly covered with a thick blanket of show on which thousands of black crows were briefly perched, lit from below by street lights.


emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-03 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-011 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-09 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-07 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-04

emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-010An eye-candiful paper art sculpture entitled ‘I Am Here’ by Tokyo based French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux – 18,000 rainbow coloured silhouettes of women, two girls and one cat which you can either take at face value (as evocations of multiplicity on the crowded streets of Tokyo) or have explained in more depth here.


German street artist Daan Botlek’s graffiti series depicting the daring escape of white silhouette figures from a derelict building in Berlin.


Photographer Mark Gee’s unedited real time video of people observing the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand this time last week.

Music: Tenderness by Dan Phillipson