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The landscapes of Dordogne in southwestern France captured through infrared lenses by French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer, rendering all living plant matter in vivid hues of canary yellow.

Throw off your chains, slaves to the visible spectrum.


Felipe_01 Felipe_04 Felipe_05 Felipe_06 Felipe_07

Recent works by Argentinian/Spanish artist Filipe Pantone* for Lisbon Week.

Mmmm. Glitchy.

*’Pantone’ being an evolution of his original tag ‘Pant’, chosen when he was just thirteen and unrelated to his later colourful works.


emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-03 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-011 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-09 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-07 emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-04

emmanuelle-moureaux-i-am-here-space-in-ginza-mitsubishi-electric-designboom-010An eye-candiful paper art sculpture entitled ‘I Am Here’ by Tokyo based French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux – 18,000 rainbow coloured silhouettes of women, two girls and one cat which you can either take at face value (as evocations of multiplicity on the crowded streets of Tokyo) or have explained in more depth here.


Candy-by-Color-08-685x547 Candy-by-Color-10-685x547 Candy-by-Color-07-685x547 Candy-by-Color-06-685x547 Candy-by-Color-05-685x547 Candy-by-Color-04-685x547 Candy-by-Color-09-685x547 Candy-by-Color-03-685x547 Candy-by-Color-02-685x547 Candy-by-Color-01-685x547Sugar Series – sweeties, gum, bars and other nommables organised by colour by Texan photographer Emily Blincoe (soon to be available as prints).

OCDeeply satisfying.


Infrared photography by David Keochkerian that appears to reverse, supersaturate and gererally trippify the colours of the seasons. More here.

This is how the world should look all the time.



(Hat tip: Aaron McAllorum)