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DublinZoo_Python 001


For next week that’s in it.

Joanne O’Sullivan at Dublin Zoo writes:

Legend suggests that St. Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland, however this weekend Dublin Zoo is welcoming the arrival of this striking green tree python to its Reptile House.The green tree python is a small, slender species of python which prefers to coil over a tree branch rather than live on the ground. Native to the rainforests of New Guinea and northern Australia, green tree pythons are non venomous. Green tree pythons are carnivores and feed on small mammals and occasionally reptiles.

Dublin Zoo

snakeDon’t corner it.

They hate that.

Mary Street, Dublin, roughly 20 minutes ago.

Dave Kavanagh writes:

Just walking to work about 20 mins ago and seen a crowd gathering outside the Jervis St Shopping Centre entrance on Mary St. I looked into see what it was and there was a snake, just on the street…..sure why not. Im guessing something to do with the fire or whatever was going on.

Quite the day we’re having.

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