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Of course astronauts landed on the moon, silly, but that’s not to say there’s no fun to be had imagining the whole thing was faked on a sound stage by Stanley Kubrick back in 1969.

Which is what French director Fabrice Mathieu does here with an elegant mashup of Apollo 11 prelaunch footage, Kubrick interviews and film clips.

Seriously though…

Belief in Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Could Spread as Memory of Apollo Recedes (Space.com)



The Shining (1979).

In Irish.

Colin Fleming writes:

This is a no budget (40 Euros) remake of the bar scene from Kubrick’s The Shining, As Gaeilge. We made this for Little Cinema Galway as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge. Everyone worked for free.

We were very limited with time and obviously having no budget was difficult too but I’m pretty happy with the overall result (the translation is excellent). Of course it has some weak points but it was a valiant effort all round.

In fairness.

[vimeo clip_id=”23030893″ height=”” width=”640″]

Stanley Kubrick was not a prolific film-maker but those that he did direct are some of the most influential movies ever made. If you are a fan of his work then you will love this. Martin Woutisseth has created an animated filmography (a brilliant idea in the first place but flawlessly executed here) of Kubrick’s films.

Stanley Kubrick: A Filmography (Kuriositas)